Top 5 Novelty Poinsettias to Watch for This Holiday Season

Poinsettias are amazing, delicate plants that bring the holiday season a bit more cheer. Poinsettias make unique gifts because no two are the same and you get to unwrap them like a new present when you get home. Poinsettias are sensitive to low temperatures and must be wrapped before you venture out into the cold. There are hundreds of different varieties, but these are the top 5 novelties to watch for while shopping at Lynde this holiday season.

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Feeling Edgy?
Choose Cortez Burgundy if you are looking for an edgy, mysterious look. This majestic poinsettia offers a solid color like a traditional red poinsettia but takes it to the next level with a dark, lush color.

Feeling Frosty?
Choose Ice Crystal if you are looking for bright color and frosted centers. This unique poinsettia offers cheery color with the appearance of getting frostbite.

Feeling Subtle?
Choose Picasso if you are looking for a subtle artistic look. This soft poinsettia creates splashes of bright pink shades on top of light white leaves.

Feeling Romantic?
Choose Tapestry if you are looking for wonderful bold red and variegated leaves. This variegated poinsettia is newest one on the market. Watch as the two-toned leaves change to vibrant red.

Feeling Flashy?
Choose Red Glitter if you are looking for a splash of white in random places. This flashy poinsettia creates a one-of-a-kind look with each plant. Look for random pops of white against the lush red foliage and find the one the speaks to you.

How to Incorporate Winter Greens Around Your Home

Now that we have our indoor decorated with lovely poinsettias let’s talk about outdoor decorating. Evergreens hold up in the cold and offer a wonderful green texture all winter long. They can be used in Wreaths, Spruce Tip Pots, Swags, Kissing Balls, and centerpieces. Every year we like to offer holiday workshops that show you step-by-step how to create your very own. Check out our selection of workshops and dates!

What is a Spruce Tip Pot?
A Spruce Tip Pot is made from spruce tree tips and other evergreens arranged in a container to be enjoyed outside during the winter. Add pinecones, berries, or other holiday flair to add your personal touch. Place your Spruce Tip Pots where you had your summer containers and create a warm inviting space.

What is a Kissing Ball?
A Kissing Ball is a beautiful globe of green supported by a piece of ribbon. By selecting different greens like spruce, white pine, or juniper you can play with different textures and shapes when creating your globe. Hang your Kissing Ball where you normally hang your summer hanging baskets to add something unique this holiday season.

Take a Closer Look at These Greens to Add to
Your Holiday Arrangements

Spruce Tips
Spruce tips are sturdy and help create the foundation of your Spruce Tip Pot. They can be cut to size and no greens go to waste with creating.

Norway is sturdy and provides long needles. Adding Norway branches creates volume and fills out the midsection of the Spruce Tip Pot.

White Pine
White Pine is whimsical and provides long needles. Unlike the Norway branches White Pine adds a softer look and feel.

Cedar offers a beautiful draping texture as well as a wonderful cedar smell. Add cedar to a Wreath or Door Swag so when people enter your home they are greeted with the wonderful smell of cedar.


Spruce Tip Workshop
Saturday, November 9th: 9am & 1pm
Sunday, November 10th: 1pm
Thursday, November 14th: 5pm

Door Swag Workshop
Saturday, November 9th: 12pm
Sunday, November 10th: 10am

Kissing Ball Workshop
Sunday, November 10th: 11:30am
Sunday, November 17th: 12pm

Centerpiece Workshop
Monday, December 16th: 4pm
Wednesday, December 18th: 4pm
Saturday, December 21st: 10am

Holiday Open House with Santa
Saturday, November 16th: 10am – 2pm