If you are reading this, then by now it is very likely that the Midwest’s winter has shown her surly side. Snow can be very pretty, but let’s face it — the most beautiful thing in the world wouldn’t do you any favors if you regularly had to shovel several hundred pounds of it. When snow has covered your driveway, sidewalk, even your doorstep, you want the greater Fargo area’s preeminent snow removal specialist in your corner. That is Fargo Snow.

Last year’s walloping number of blizzards gave Fargo Snow virtually limitless opportunities to perfect their art, so their complete solution for snow removal is now humming along like a well oiled engine. The locally owned and operated company utilizes state of the art snowblowers to clear any home’s driveway in under two minutes, and they do so without making enough noise to wake you, depositing snow in mounds, or damaging your lawn like a traditional snowplow could have.

The extent of Fargo Snow’s state of the industry technology doesn’t end with their machinery. Whenever a great snowfall batters the area, their tractors’ GPS systems ensure that their drivers tackle the problem along the most efficient routes possible. You don’t have to call into Fargo Snow for some idea of when your home will be next on their agenda, either. They actively apprise all of their clients of their progress on their Facebook page, so you need only casually glance at your phone.

Fargo Snow offers the snow removal solution that fits your needs and your budget. They’ll come out to your home whether you want them there after one inch has fallen or two inches have fallen, and with their sidewalk and detail service they will even remove all the snow that leads up to your front door.

Fargo Snow’s great success means that their area of operation has grown to larger than ever before. This winter marks their expansion to not only north Fargo, but also the city of Moorhead. If you’ve had to dread shoveling out your driveway for want of a superlative professional at your service, then your worries are over. You can finally shelve that shovel for good thanks to Fargo Snow!

Greater territory means that Fargo Snow must add to their ranks, of course. If you are looking to join the area’s most seasoned team of snow removal experts, have a high standard of excellence, and seek a position with great opportunity for growth, then you ought to apply to work with Fargo Snow at FargoSnow.com/jobs. It’s a great way to make extra money outside of your regular job!

This year, be on the lookout around town for Fargo Snow’s special pink-wrapped tractors and snowblowers. They indicate Fargo Snow’s commitment to the community and the charities that support it, including Pink It Forward which provides financial assistance to women with breast cancer, Dough 4 Joe which aids the families of children who are battling cancer, and the Fargo Emergency Food Pantry as well. 


You can aid Fargo Snow on their mission to do greater good for the people of Fargo and Moorhead than simply removing their snow. If you go to their website you can make a donation that will support their partnered charities, and Fargo Snow will match all of their clients’ donations up to $25! And if you haven’t yet signed up for Fargo Snow’s full-service snow removal yet, you need only visit FargoSnow.com!


By David Scheller