The rule that pink is for girls and blue is for boys is fairly new. It used to be the other way around in the Midwest until the 1920s. Even further back, people did not associate colors with gender at all. All children were dressed in white, or burlap depending on their family’s finances.

So shallow a tradition means that some men could very well take the color pink back if they wanted to. These would have to be real men, the kind who believe in a good cause and want to help it. And hey, if you’re just a guy who thinks he looks good in pink, and you want to have some fun, then you could join Real Men Wear Pink, too.

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Real Men Wear Pink will be held in Bismarck-Mandan for the first time this year. All money raised by the event’s manful participants will fund the American Cancer Society’s breast cancer initiatives, which include innovative research, patient services, and education on screenings and risk reduction. The days of knights in shining armor plucking damsels in distress out of tower keeps are done and dusted, fellas. But it is still just as chivalrous, if not even more so, to help so many women across the country all at once.

Throughout the month of October, participants will wear pink every day — a shirt, a tie, a pin — and use their social media networks and good standings in the community to raise awareness about the Real Men Wear Pink mission.

The rewards for being a real man aren’t limited to helping women throughout the community. Real Men Wear Pink meetings will be held at local breweries around Bismarck and Mandan, because real men also like to drink beer. (When else will you get to drink beer while you do charity? It is nearly certain that Habitat for Humanity would not let you drink while you’re building a house.) Also, if your business held a fundraiser in the name of Real Men Wear Pink, it could be quite the little PR coup.

Over 2,700 men participated in Real Men Wear Pink nationally last year. The Bismarck-Mandan area currently needs only six to eight more candidates in order to properly represent itself. Any real man who steps forward will join his fellow troopers at a kick off party in mid-October, and then go forth with the goal of raising at least $2,500. At the end of the four week run, another brewery party with local media will reveal just how much money each man raised.

The top fundraiser is declared the #1 Real Man. Unless you are a pro wrestler, this is probably your best chance at earning that title.

If you’re ready to gird up your loins for such a terrific cause, then you’re certainly a real man. Prove it by visiting


By David Scheller