The invention of the window begged an important question: How do you cover such a thing? Simple fixes like curtains and drapes may work, but they do not take full advantage of the window. To make your home as comfortable and attractive as possible, you have got to have window blinds.

The windows of the Bismarck-Mandan area have got Blind Ambition to cover them. Like all the best businesses, Blind Ambition is locally owned and operated. It is headed by Jere Rogers, who has not only specialized in blinds for many years, but also holds a degree in interior design. She knows precisely which blinds are best suited for your budget and style, and will give you a free in-home consultation so you can enjoy the best blinds there are.

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“Blinds are more than just a finishing touch,” said Jere. “They make sure you have the right level of privacy, give a room’s light a welcome softness, and they can protect your floors and furniture from harmful UV rays. And with so many styles to choose from, your new blinds can perfectly complement any style!”

Blind Ambition works with two of the nation’s leading manufacturers to give you a complete selection of blinds. Hunter Douglas offers a wide selection of blinds, including ones that are operable by remote control. (If you have got arthritis, remote control blinds are truly a godsend.) Graber’s blinds will also add style and elegance to any space, and their new CrystalPleat cellular shades actually improve a room’s insulation.

Blind Ambition’s products are high quality, ready to weather years of intense sunlight and usage. They are warrantied, and any purchase comes with total access to the Blind Ambition staff’s expansive expertise in their industry. Have you ever installed blinds? It can be a pain, holding up something so heavy while you juggle a spirit level and an electric drill. But when you work with Blind Ambition, you can relax as a professional installation expert takes control of the whole project — for free! What could be better than that?

Before the drill comes out, Jere will go to your home to get a complete understanding of your home’s style. She will take your budget and needs into consideration as she measures your window frames and assesses your surroundings. After her consultation, Jere will be poised to advise the best blinds given your personal situation. That the Bismarck area has so experienced a home decorator at its service is remarkable — go to any home that Jere has put her touch on, and you will instantly appreciate the value she adds!

Before you call Jere out, you may wish to see Blind Ambition’s tremendous selection of blinds and other window treatments in person. You can do just that at their location at 3200 Impala Lane in Bismarck, or you can visit to better learn what Blind Ambition can do for you. You may also call (701) 770-1378 to schedule your free consultation — no room is complete until you have!


By David Scheller