Blizzards aren’t the best part about living in the Midwest for most of us. They have a way of putting a damper on our plans, and you’re lucky if you don’t get snow in your shoe. For a select few, however, last year’s eight blizzards were all opportunities to hone their skill at one of the Midwest’s most important services: snow removal. All that snowfall only made Fargo Snow better at what they do, so they’re ready for an even bigger winter this year.

Fargo Snow isn’t your old-fashioned man with a shovel operation. Their state of the industry snowblowers will take care of a home’s entire driveway in no more than two minutes, and they’re so quiet that they don’t rattle their clients out of bed early in the morning. Fargo Snow’s process doesn’t leave giant mounds of snow behind that damage lawns in the springtime, either.

You’re putting a lot at stake when you pick a snow removal service. You don’t want to be late for something just because your snowplow guy decided to weekend in Vegas. Fargo Snow’s armada of snowblowers takes to the streets every time there’s a big snowfall, and their vehicles are guided by GPS to let their guys know exactly where they’re going next. And thanks to Fargo Snow’s Facebook page, their clients can keep up to date on all the operators’ progress.

Fargo Snow’s service is very versatile. Whether you would prefer them to come out after it has snowed one or two inches, they offer the service that best fits your needs. You can also sign up for Fargo Snow’s sidewalk and detail services, which will take care of all the white stuff right up to your front door. If you’re not sure what to give someone for Christmas, consider arranging it so they don’t have to pick up a snow shovel this winter!

Fargo Snow doesn’t just have so much wonderful weather to thank for all of their success. Like any characteristically North Dakotan business should be, they are deeply grateful to the community for having them as their snow removal solution. And also in North Dakotan fashion, that means they give back to the community, too. This winter, look for special pink-wrapped tractors and snowblowers around town. They are that color to show Fargo Snow’s support for several charities, including Pink It Forward, a local family-run charity that provides much needed financial assistance to victims of breast cancer throughout the Fargo area. 

Look for the special Dough 4 Joe tractor as well. Fargo Snow’s owner Steve Koep was good friends with Joe Sampson, whose charity Dough 4 Joe enabled him to make the countless trips to the Mayo Clinic necessary for his cancer treatment. Joe went on to eternal life in 2008, but his charity continues to help families of children fighting cancer. The annual Dough 4 Joe run in July was a great success, and Fargo Snow is proud to have donated $500 this year. Fargo Snow also supports the Fargo Emergency Food Pantry, because helping people to eat is a worthy mission as well. 

Fargo Snow is currently accepting donations to these three worthy causes on their website, and they will match all of their clients’ donations up to $25. You can also visit to make sure this year’s snowfall will never set your driveway back to the ice age. Just visit!


By David Scheller