Next to your home, your vehicle is the most important thing that you have. Your livelihood depends on it, and, when you’re driving around in a place like North Dakota, your life itself depends on it as well. Your vehicle is also a point of pride. It’s a simple but important pleasure to to drive something that you like.

Getting a great deal feels good too, and when you get one on your next car or truck at Torgerson Auto Center, you’ll know it doesn’t just appear great on its surface. The locally owned and operated dealership doesn’t cut costs by cutting corners or taking advantage of their customers. They do it by tirelessly searching for the best pre-owned vehicles, investing in top quality maintenance tools and equipment, and earning their customers’ trust the only way that deserves to.


Torgerson Auto Center diligently scours a wide area for pre-owned vehicles that they can stand behind. With a preference for newer vehicles and ones that are in peak condition, the Torgerson team goes to police auctions, private sales, trades, and otherwise explores every possible avenue for prime cars and trucks. “I don’t need the headache of having a questionable vehicle for sale,” said Dennis Torgerson, co-owner of Torgerson Auto Center. “If it ain’t good, don’t sell it. If you have to lie to sell a vehicle, don’t sell it. It’s just not worth it.”

Torgerson Auto Center’s commitment to their customers only begins with the acquisition of a vehicle. Even if one came into their on-site garage with only one mile on its odometer, the center’s team of experienced career mechanics would inspect it antenna to tires to make sure it belongs on their lot. This is why Torgerson confidently offers a free powertrain warranty on every vehicle under 75 thousand miles that they sell.

Torgerson is committed to helping their customers purchase the best vehicle that they can afford. They have an entire financing department for this purpose, which regularly works with one dozen sources for loans. The Torgerson team understands that getting a loan nowadays can be challenging, so they put unrivaled energy into getting the best loans for their clients that the market has to offer — no matter their credit.

Your relationship with the Torgerson team doesn’t end when you drive away. They have always stood by to correct whatever issues might pop up in their customers’ vehicles down the road, and have every tool it takes to do so. That’s why they are proudly opening their new, state of the industry auto center this July. 

The new and improved Torgerson Auto Center will feature automotive maintenance technology that’s so advanced you can’t yet find it anywhere else in the state. With the Quick Check Drive laser system by Hunter Engineering, their staff will be able to detect alignment issues as soon as a vehicle enters their garage. With it, they can tell if your tires are true in as few as three seconds! Torgerson is also unveiling their new low profile alignment rack — although recessed into the ground to accommodate low driving vehicles, it can lift 16 thousand pounds. Torgerson has also got one of the only Italian-made RAASM oil stations in the Midwest, and only uses premium Castrol oil products to keep the vehicles they work on running like butter. Torgerson Auto Center will continue to provide peerless air conditioner maintenance, fluid exchanges, key fob repair and replacement, and virtually any other service their customers could need.

Whether you are after your next ride or just want to keep your current one happy, you need only to visit Torgerson Auto Center. Their friendly staff is standing by to take care of you Monday through Saturday at 2121 E Bismarck Expy.
By David Scheller