Carolyn Johnson had always wanted her own little hobby farm to retire on. It was during her bout with breast cancer that she decided such a dream would be better pursued sooner rather than later. After Carolyn had beaten her ordeal she found the perfect little place just 45 minutes outside of the Twin Cities — a farmhouse built in 1900 on the end of its own private drive, as entirely removed from civilization as could be, but still near enough to it.

As the owner of Satoree Kitchen & Bath in Saint Louis Park, Carolyn was undaunted by the renovation project so old a property posed. She painted and refloored it from top to bottom, modernized its kitchen with new cabinets and a 48” gas range, and installed the infrared sauna and outdoor whirlpool that country living simply can’t do without. Of course, a farmhouse sans farm creatures is hardly a farmhouse at all.

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While it might be Carolyn’s and her business partner’s on paper, Blu Skye Acres truly belongs to the animals. Sugar the horse is an affectionate yet bossy creature, while her sister Misty has been somewhat mellowed out by age. Ashley and Jessy, the miniature donkeys, eschew any and all of the work that their kind has been bred for, preferring instead to idle in the sun, receive brushings, and bray when the mood strikes them. Fourteen hens round out the ensemble. They live a peaceful life with no rooster to bother them, so they get to focus on laying eggs and terrorizing the invertebrates they can scrounge up from the ground.

All of Blu Skye Acres is available for rent. The private little piece of paradise in Saint Croix Falls, WI is the perfect destination for weddings, family retreats, and romantic getaways. The farmhouse’s six bedrooms, three bathrooms, and two living rooms could easily accommodate up to 20 people, and at only five minutes away Taylor’s Falls has got additional lodging for even more guests at your upcoming special occasion.

Even if you felt compelled to leave the idyllic property during your stay, you would find plenty of fun in the surrounding area. Wineries dot the Saint Croix River Valley, and you can visit them all on the tour offered by GetKnit Events. Interstate State Park, Fawn Doe Rosa Wildlife Educational Park, and the Saint Croix National Scenic Riverway provide ample opportunity for hiking, picnicking, and boating. Younger guests will demand to go to Wild Mountain — for skiing in the winter, and for the water park and alpine slides in the summer. Even if you would just amble around the little town of Taylor Falls, popping in and out of its quaint stores, you would be glad to have made the trip.

For whatever reason you would like to get away from it all, Blu Skye Acres is just over the border and ready for you. It makes an especially beautiful backdrop for a wedding, and its full kitchen would keep any caterer you could hire as happy as a clam. Please visit to find out more.


By David Scheller