When Melissa “Missy” Mees opened Mees Physical Therapy in Lincoln last September, her goal of treating five patients daily seemed ambitious at first. Only two weeks after the grand opening, however, the outpouring of support from the local and surrounding communities meant her goal would become moot. Missy is now partnering with local chiropractor Dr. Coty R. Sicble, DC and creating a new business named Reclaim Health! Reclaim Health will open late July in a new location, but still nestled in the town of Lincoln. Missy and Coty share the same treatment philosophy and are thrilled to show patients how this new teamwork will greatly benefit their overall health.

What bred such success? Quite a few things, if we’re taking stock. Most importantly, it is Missy’s approach to healing. Whether it was through work or play, Missy believes that her patients have “earned” their injuries, in a sense, and that they dearly deserve to get better. She engages a whole body approach to healing, and has every physical therapist’s tool to do so. Missy specializes in manual therapy, a hands-on technique which utilizes kneading and manipulation of muscles, joint mobilization, and joint manipulation to provide relief from pain and greater range of motion. She also practices dry needle therapy to delicately manipulate the nervous system, cupping therapy to treat pain and inflammation, and orthotics to better distribute a patient’s body weight for nearly instantaneous relief from discomfort.

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While several of Missy’s healing methods have been used effectively for millennia, she is eager to embrace a new technology once its therapeutic value has been well-established. That is why Mees Physical Therapy is home to two state of the art lasers by Erchonia: the FX-635, and the Zerona-Z6. The FX-635 is an FDA cleared medical device that is provenly effective at treating low back pain and plantar fasciitis. Caused by an inflammation of the tissue that connects the heel bone to the toes, the FX-635 treats the condition by drastically stimulating energy production on the cellular level so that the body can heal itself. The versatile FX-635 has also proven effective at treating other maladies as well! 

Mees and Reclaim Health are offering a newer laser, the Zerona-Z6, is designed specifically for non-invasive body contouring. It works by utilizing low level laser technology to emulsify adipose tissue, which is then removed from the area by the body’s natural cleansing systems. After thorough testing by its manufacturer, the Zerona-Z6 demonstrably reduces a patient’s circumference by an average of 3.72 inches after one course of treatment. Best of all, the Zerona-Z6 does this without the discomfort and inconvenience that traditional surgery would have caused!

Mees Physical Therapy is even better able to treat patients because they engage the talents of other top physical therapists in addition to Missy. They are now honored to have Mandy Peerboom on board. Mandy possesses specialized experience in addressing and treating the great variety of conditions that uniquely target women. These include pregnancy, incontinence, postpartum, endometriosis, abdominal separation, post-op mastectomy, and more. Mandy is trained to treat a panoply of complications that may arise within the pelvic floor, an important supportive tissue that is critical to bladder health, as well as back pain that can result from weakening of the abdominal muscles. Whereas traditional medicine may limit a woman’s options for treatment for a number of issues, Mandy’s all-encompassing approach to so many gender-specific problems provides the women of the greater Bismarck area with a real opportunity to heal.

One of the greatest values held at Mees and Reclaim Health is that treatment ought to be available to everyone. That is why Mees’ physical therapists and chiropractors work closely with their patients’ doctors to tailor the best course of treatment on a case by case basis. What’s more, most major insurance companies do not require a physician’s referral for treatment at Mees and Reclaim Health.

Provided that you haven’t come to accept that you have to live with pain, Mees Physical Therapy and Reclaim Health is standing by to help you. They do fantastic work to lessen or do away with the need for potentially harmful opioid painkillers, and are able to treat injuries whether they’ve been caused by a rousing sporting match, overexertion during physical labor, or gradual wear and tear over the course of decades. Visit meespt.com today to learn more about all that they have to offer, or call (701) 955-2102 to schedule your initial consultation. Your body will thank you!


By David Scheller