Empathy and enthusiasm — these are the two most important qualifications that a physical therapist can have, and if you looked up either in the dictionary a picture of Missy Mees would smile right back at you. Missy devastated one of her legs during a game of basketball when she was a teenager, so she knows firsthand the kind of pain that her patients suffer from. That she spent so great a part of her younger years receiving physical therapy would also lead her to love the practice entirely. A local lady, Missy studied physical therapy at University of Mary and went on to hone her skills in rural North Dakota. Seventeen years later she is now the proprietor of Mees Physical Therapy, the place to go when you’ve “earned” your injury, whether through hard work or hard play, and deserve just as much to get better.

“What I like best about physical therapy is the number of disciplines it encompasses,” said Missy. “This not only gives the therapist a variety of things she can do in her work, but lets her tailor the best course of treatment for any condition her patient might present her with. I love the people I get to work with as well. In a city like Bismarck that’s mostly folks who’ve worked really hard for a living — the ones who actually keep things running!”

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Mees Physical Therapy does indeed represent virtually every technique known to alleviate pain, if not banish it altogether. Your first visit there will begin with manual therapy, an effective method in its own right, but one which serves an additional diagnostic purpose. By being so hands on, Missy can discern just the method for restoring her patients back to their ideal level of comfort. She may administer dry needle therapy, which unlike traditional acupuncture is concerned with manipulating the delicate interweaving of your nervous system rather than the philosophical concept of chi. A single well-placed needle can bring about benefits like it is hard to imagine! Missy is also adept at creating custom orthotics, devices which correct otherwise imperceptible imbalances in posture to bring about relief for conditions ranging from hip pain to TMJ, and she practices cupping and traction therapy as well.

The most exciting recent addition to Mees’ repertoire is the Erchonia FX-635 laser, a device that stimulates energy production on the cellular level so that the body can heal itself. The state of the art Erchonia is so effective that it actually caused the FDA to accept low-level lasering as a viable treatment for both plantar fasciitis and back pain, but its application is far from limited to just those two maladies. Missy has noted the Erchonia’s suitability for treating a panoply of other conditions, as the method by which it works is so fundamental to promoting good health.

“I look at the body as a 5,000 piece puzzle, and consider it my job to see that every piece aligns to make a perfect picture,” explained Missy. “It’s never ‘just’ shoulder or back pain — everything in the body is interconnected, so it’s only by taking the broadest approach possible that I can best help my patients to heal. I’m especially fortunate because I’m not obligated to work toward meeting certain billing requirements. When real results are her goal instead of making money, a therapist can do the most good that she’s capable of.

“The only criterion one of my patients has to satisfy is that they haven’t accepted they’ll have to live with the pain that they’re in. I treat people who have just come out of surgery, and am proud to drastically lessen their need for dangerous opioid painkillers. I treat people who have injured themselves while working, whether they drive a truck, take care of a farm, or sit at a computer all day. I also help children whether they’ve injured themselves by playing sports or craning their necks over a tablet for too long, and the elderly who’ve had so many years to incur potentially debilitating injuries.

“Your body is made to move and needs to move; If you don’t move, you’re done. I want everyone to know that Mees Physical Therapy is here for them no matter how pain might affect their daily lives. Simply put, there’s no reason to live with pain or nagging body aches as so long as physical therapy is available!”

Whatever your need for their services might be, Missy and her associate Mandy Peerboom, who specializes in pelvic health, are standing by to help you. Most major insurance companies do not require a physician’s referral for treatment at Mees. Visit meespt.com today to learn more about what they have to offer, or call (701) 955-2102 to schedule your initial consultation. Your body will thank you!


By David Scheller