They say that a bad day of golf beats the best day at work, and as an expert on playing golf very badly I can wholly agree. No matter how well or poorly you play, a day of golf is just too rare an occasion to enjoy anywhere but at the finest course. Perham Lakeside is just such a course, and at only an hour and 15 minutes east of Fargo makes for the ideal summer outing. Perham Lakeside offers 27 holes, the only course in its 90 mile radius to do so, and names each nine according to the trees which beautify them: Oak, Maple, and Pine. These are challenging holes, each masterfully designed to offer their own unique nuances and test the entirety of players’ skill, and landscaped just as lovingly. Summertime demands that you make the trip at least once to this golfer’s paradise.

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If you play a perfect game of golf and set a new personal record, then you must celebrate with a beer. If you play so badly that you would need a power tool to remove the pitching wedge which you angrily wrapped around an oak, maple, or pine, then you must ease the sting of failure with a beer. Even if you play an unremarkable game, you had still better have a beer. To take care of the beer that is requisite to conclude any game of golf, you ought to go to Perham Lakeside Tap, the course’s own bar and restaurant. They have 20 taps there, comprising everything from the yellow gold domestics that taste like summer themselves to the Midwest’s most critically acclaimed craft brews. You can have a restorative pint by Bent Paddle, a hoppy IPA by Castle Danger, a porter by Summit, or practically any other thing you could imagine. The bar regularly changes what it offers to keep their patrons guessing, and with so many taps to choose from a beer lover need never worry about being unable to find an old or new favorite.

Sometimes a game of golf might call for the hard stuff, which the Tap’s full bar offers in droves. Because great drink sans great food is unacceptable, the Tap’s menu offers all the dishes that a day outdoors calls for — burgers, wings, wraps, and appetizers to share along with stories about golf. (The best golf anecdotes are always told with an appetizer in hand.) The Tap is also the best place to enjoy other sports as well, thanks their number of televisions that even their manager admits to being extreme. With so many screens you can always be assured any game you could possibly take interest will be played there. If they ever air the World Series, Super Bowl, and World Curling Championships simultaneously, you’d still be completely happy at the Tap.

Perham Lakeside is the perfect place to host a giant party as well, thanks to their fully equipped and staffed event center. The center is newly renovated and recently reopened as of 2018, and is now able to comfortably seat up to 400 guests. The center has got a full-service bar, on-site bathrooms, patio seating from which you can take in the serene splendor of neighboring fairways, and a speaker system for toasts and embarrassing groomsmen’s speeches along with a 200+ inch screen. Whether you would have Perham Lakeside attend to the entirety of your event’s meal or prefer your own caterer to make use of their complete kitchen, your wedding, graduation party, class reunion, or company gathering couldn’t be better taken care of!

It’s far more than just golf at Perham Lakeside Tap — it’s absolutely everything you could need to make the most of your summer. Please visit to learn more about the nearby destination.


By David Scheller