It’s hard to wrap your head around just how quickly the technology of flight has evolved. In only 66 years we progressed from the first flight ever to the first moon landing. Who knows what flight has in store for us in the future? Maybe in just a few more decades we’ll have airliners capable of delivering our luggage to the same place we are going, instead of to Mozambique.

Just like flight itself, the Fargo Air Museum is continually inventing new ways to improve the experience that they offer. To be certain, they’ll always be home to beautiful flying machines for all to come and see, like their quicksilver P-51D Mustang, nimble Pitts Special, sleek Aero L-39 Albatros, and futuristic Northrop Grumman RQ-4 Global Hawk drone. As the result of having so much hangar space to house such beauties, however, the Fargo Air Museum has got plenty more to offer to the public.

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The Fargo Air Museum’s enormous hangars are devoid of pillars which could not only crumple a misdirected wing, but also block someone’s view of anything else in the building. That makes them the perfect place to throw a wedding or other large gathering, one which could be uniquely decorated with classic aircraft at the host’s discretion. Just last year a creative bride devised her travel themed wedding there, with passport invitations and an Indiana Jones styled flight map to her guests’ seating arrangements. At the end of the night, she and her new husband boarded a single engine prop and took off, starting their new adventure together as appropriately as possible.

The Fargo Air Museum’s utility as an event space goes beyond their ability to fit up to 1,200 people. They’ve also the parking needed to accommodate that many, as well as the food preparation area to feed them. You may engage your own caterer, or opt for their wedding package with all the eats, wine, and music taken care of. The museum has helped to plan countless events in the past, and are great resource for what can be quite a daunting task.

If a large party doesn’t loom in your future, there is always more to look forward to at the Fargo Air Museum. They have regular movie nights, with a variety of wholesome flicks that you can take the whole family to. (Just don’t go on Top Gun night, unless you can handle reliving the loss of dear, sweet Goose all over again.) Regular occasions like pumpkin carving, Santa’s helicopter ride, and hangar dances provide some seasonal festivity, and the big airshow draws as many as 25,000 every other year it’s held. The benevolent will especially enjoy the museum’s Giving Hearts Day on February 14th, where every $5 donation you make to local non-profits will be matched in full by the Dakota Medical Foundation.

They are not only the Fargo Air Museum’s exhibits which bring history to life. As the museum’s executive director Jackie Williams put it, “The museum is filled with the very men who’ve flown these machines, in real life, as they were intended to. We have veterans who volunteer here, and even generals in their 80s who come in from time to time, just to visit. The stories they tell…not a day goes by at the museum when we don’t learn something new from them. This is a generational passing of knowledge and culture, something that kids should have as they see drones and space travel bring mankind fast into the future.”

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By David Scheller