Julie Ann Segal’s love for interior design is innate. When she was a little girl she was often at play arranging and rearranging the furniture in her room, and became distraught when her family’s cleaning lady moved even a pile of toys that she had carefully placed. This drive would continue on through highschool, with a young Julie Ann seeing to it that only the most aesthetic blacklight posters should grace her bedroom.

When Julie Ann’s new roommate in freshman year of college moved in with decorations that upstaged her posters and bedding, her mother took her on a small shopping trip to help her to level the playing field. Over lunch afterward they discussed Julie Ann’s long-standing flair for decorating, and that there is far more to the practice than simply rearranging furniture. Something clicked for Julie Ann then. She understood just how dearly she loved design, so switched majors from business to interior design through the art department and set about learning just what makes space beautiful.

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“I had always understood that our living space impacts us,” explained Julie Ann, now the president of Metro Interiors. “Shortly after I began working in the field of interior design, one of my biggest revelations was that there is already a whole philosophy behind that notion: feng shui, an ancient Chinese art which holds that there is a universal energy, or chi, which is all around us. Depending on how you design your home and arrange its furnishings you can channel chi to improve your life in profoundly positive ways. I help my clients to engage this chi not only so they may have genuinely beautiful places to live in, but also to reap benefits from the universe around them.

“Even the smallest changes you make to your home can improve the flow of chi there. For example, keeping your possessions in good repair will remove a great deal of frustration out of your life which would have otherwise carried over into other aspects of it. Your front door should be a different color from everything else in your house, because that draws in greater chi — I recommend red, a color that nourishes love. Sharp angles, known as poison arrows, can hinder the flow of energy throughout your home, so you should consider the contours you’re creating whenever you rearrange your furniture.

“Feng shui is an incredibly deep theory. It revolves around a map called the bagua, the nine areas of which each correspond to a different part of your life. Whether you would pursue fame, love, creativity, knowledge, or some other path to happiness, feng shui provides color schemes and underpinning layouts for your home that will help you along it.

Although its philosophy is invaluable to her work, feng shui is hardly the limit of Julie Ann’s expertise when it comes to beautifying her clients’ living spaces. As an interior designer she is an artist in full, and can design entire rooms in drawing so that she may convey her visions for space before proceeding to the next phase. Her Metro Interiors also provides all the materials needed to bring her concepts to fruition including furniture, lighting, flooring, and window treatments, as well as the contractors needed to install them.

Coupling her artistic and philosophical visions with her operation’s means of bringing them to fruition has let Julie Ann transform living spaces throughout the Twin Cities into functional works of art, homes which give far more to their inhabitants than mere protection against the elements. Whether you are building a new home or planning a renovation, letting Julie Ann rest her expert eye on things will benefit you greatly for years to come. You may learn more about her prowess and how to engage it by visiting metrointeriors.com.


By David Scheller