Landscaping has carried a lot of significance throughout history. It was so valued by French royalty that construction of the Versailles Orangerie preceded that of the palace itself.

The landscape of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater is so central to the home’s design that it may be considered a part of the building. And the most legendary feat of landscaping, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, is considered so great that it’s placed on par with the Great Pyramid of Giza. These are extreme examples, granted, but they leave no argument against the importance of a beautiful landscape accompanying a fine home.

The thing about landscaping, however, is that it’s hard work. Few people envy the paysans who planted Louis XIV’s orange trees, and the Gardener of Babylon must have needed to lug around one heck of a watering can. Planning an aesthetically pleasing landscape also takes experience, so much so that it’s an entire program of university study. Fortunately Lynde Greenhouse & Nursery has got the vision and know-how to turn your grounds into something beautiful.

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The Maple Grove garden center first started out in the 19th century, when they began growing edible and decorative plants for businesses around the Twin Cities. They found their niche in flowers once color came into high demand after World War I, and in 1982 Lynde Greenhouse & Nursery opened their doors to the public. Now they not only offer their plants and garden supplies to everyone, but also the landscaping needed to best complement your botanical investment.

Lynde Greenhouse & Nursery’s landscaping service extends beyond the thoughtful placement of trees, shrubs, and flowers. They also specialize in natural and paver patios, water features like streams and bubbling boulders, stone retaining walls, and practically everything else within the vast scope of landscaping.

Mike Aasen, who holds degrees in landscape architecture and environmental design and has worked in his field since 2012, is in charge of Lynde’s professional landscaping service. “Above all,” said Mike, “We work to make every client’s idea for their outdoor living space come to fruition. That means clear communication throughout every project, from onset to completion. By understanding our goal and apprising homeowners of our ongoing progress, we ensure that everyone is smiling at the end. Collaboration is the key to a great landscape.”

“Of course, each project usually starts with the right plants,” Mike continued. “Our greenhouse and nursery are home to a great selection of strong, Minnesota-friendly stock. The advantage of our retail location is that people can come in for inspiration, see what kind of life they may bring to their lawn, and speak with one of our experts about what plants would best compliment their property’s features.”

“We’re seeing a rising trend toward outdoor living spaces,” Mike said. “Adding a place to your lawn where you can cook, dine, entertain guests, and gather around a fire is an appealing way to get the most out of a climate where summer is so short. In a sense it’s like building an expansion on your house, with the bonus of being to enjoy the outdoors as well.”

“Our water features are becoming increasingly popular as well. The options are endless, because each one we design is as unique as the home we create it for. City homes benefit greatly from the sound of babbling water, which drowns out the sound of nearby traffic. The state of water technology has made it very practical in the Midwest, where you can simply drain the pipes and remove the pump every fall and then wait for spring to come around again. That little maintenance is a small effort to make for the amount of charm running water brings to any setting.”

“I’m also pleased to see the rise in demand for stone features,” Mike added. “They’re as low maintenance as you can imagine, and the color, texture, and variety of what natural stone offers makes it endlessly customizable. Whether our clients opt for cut and polished or rough and natural boulders, I’m excited to provide a landscaping accent that will never fade or depreciate in value.”

Lynde Greenhouse & Nursery owes its ability to pull off such a variety of landscapes to more than their vision and materials. Their landscapers are held to a high standard, and regularly train in disciplines including horticulture, cement work, and ornamental water. That commitment to skill shows in their workmanship, making them the ideal landscaping service for a project of any size. Call them at (763) 420-4400 to discuss what you might have in mind for your lawn this spring, or visit for inspiration any day of the week at 9293 Pineview Ln N in Maple Grove. You may not be King Louis, but your home is still your palace.


By David Scheller