Hey, let’s go bowling

Everyone’s learning how

Choose your shoes, lose your blues

Nothing can stop us now!

Red River Lanes is one of Fargo’s original sporting institutions, owned and operated by three generations of fathers and sons since 1959. The Jones family, who hail from the north side of Fargo, have always endeavored to keep their alley authentic to the bowling experience — but never at the cost of letting their fine 20 lane establishment fall behind the times.

After their latest renovation three years ago, Red River Lanes has earned the distinction of being the most modern bowling center in town. Their overhaul includes new furniture, new carpeting, and above all the exciting and advanced BES X scoring system. This marvel integrates state of the art computer technology with the beloved sport to create an altogether novel experience.

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BES X is a great way to engage new bowlers who may be put off by the sport’s somewhat inaccessible scoring system. Kids love games like Monster Factory, where the pins they knock down determine the appearance of a cartoon imp that is created for them on screen. Best of all, they get to take their creation home with them! Bowlers of all ages love YouToons, where the scoreboard’s animations are augmented with actual photos of themselves to create funny cartoons in between frames. These are particularly entertaining for parties, and a great way to gently rib the boss during a corporate outing.

Of course, all the technological advancements in the world wouldn’t amount to a hill of beans if Red River Lanes’ experience omitted those central elements of every great game of bowling: food and drink. The on-site Slammers Sports Bar takes care of all that with their fortifying athlete’s menu of burgers, wings, and more. Their Turbochef oven fires to 800 degrees so they can bake a whole pizza in only five minutes. Try one of their pizzas of the month, a showcase for their kitchen’s creativity that in the past has brought the world beauties like the Sheboygan, a cheese and beer brat extravagance.

Slammers’ bar is fully stocked with every libation you could need to unwind or get into the game. Have one of their seven beers on tap, including all the domestic classics and a rotating selection of craft brews. Take a specialty shot such as the Gutter Duster, an invigorating mix of three whiskies and more that will put you right in the zone, fast. If you’re in the mood for a traditional cocktail, you can make it classy with a Manhattan or even channel The Dude himself with a White Russian. Enjoy your food and drink at the bar, over darts, or alongside 20 televisions that show every sporting match you could possibly want to see, or bring them out to the lane to keep your strength up for frenzied pin-busting action.

Red River Lanes is home to 17 leagues who always keep the action lively, but never exclusive — the lanes’ resident aficionados love seeing novices come to their stamping grounds so they can foster a newfound love for the great sport. As such, Red River Lanes is a friendly and wholesome destination for families, children, and college students looking to blow off steam after a long day of studies.

Whether you are an experienced bowler who would do with no less than the most modern facility in which to practice your art, or are a newcomer to the pastime and would like to spend an evening in a fun and inviting atmosphere, Red River Lanes is simply the best bowling that the area has to offer. Go and see their lively setup for yourself at 707 28th Ave N in Fargo, or visit redriverlanes.com to find out more.


By David Scheller