Bismarck is home to the largest liquor store in the tristate area. Williquors is an extremely-customer friendly store with over 8,000 wine, beer, and spirit varieties available. With over 28,000 square feet of liquid happiness, we call Williquors a Liquor Superstore! The store is truly amazing, from our wide spacious aisles, to our personally crafted wine shelving, to our friendly, educated staff. We make shopping a breeze with our six checkout lines. Once you have been to Williquors, it will definitely become your destination store.

Our wine selection is second to none in the area. With over 3,000 varieties of wine available, you will find yourself lost in shopping bliss. You will go from Pinots to Chards, from whites to reds, from vineyard to vineyard and country to country with our easy-to-shop wine shelving and clearly marked displays. On weekends and holidays we have wine tastings of many varieties at our spacious wine tasting kiosk. Once you have chosen your wine or bubbly, you can chill it in our rapid chiller for free.

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Our spirit section is enormous to say the least with thousands of delicious distilled choices. We have seven spacious aisles filled with an endless supply of your favorite spirits and many spirits that you may have never known existed. We have some of the rarest bourbons, whiskies, hard to find gins, cordials, and rums. One of our aisles is totally dedicated to vodka of every type, flavor, and style available in our market. If you like tequila, you will love Williquors because the tequila section is filled with some of the most unique and distinct tequilas including brands such as Cruz, 1921, Clase Azul, and Agavero. We also have many of our own hand selected barrels of whiskies, bourbons, and tequilas.

The beer section is stocked with over a thousand domestics, crafts, and imports. Our selection here never stops growing and our collections include many of the hardest to find foreign brews and domestic crafts available in our market. At Williquors we have the Pick Six section with hundreds of mix and match brews allowing you to HOP (pun intended) from IPA to ale, stout to porters, domestic to foreign all in one happy six pack! We also have a growler station with fourteen taps serving up an ever changing variety of the best craft brewed beverages imaginable. Using the TapHunter app you can instantly and easily track our current growler beer selections.

The classroom is one of the most fun parts of our store (yes, hard to believe classroom and fun can co-exist). Weekly wine, spirits, and beer educational classes can accommodate up to 32 students. Most classes require an advanced registration, as spots are limited. The classroom is comfortably designed with a happy student in mind, because, really, we are learning about alcohol! The classroom is also available depending upon availability for private classes hosted by our educated staff.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for someone or just for yourself, we have a gift and merchandise section that perfectly complements the liquor world with unique bottle openers, decanters, glasses, cards, decorative wine bottle bags, and so much more. These are items you just won’t find at a department store!

Our specialty cheese section helps compliment your fine wine palate. We have the perfect cheeses and meats that are usually not available in your local grocery store. During the holidays we have select caviar and salmon available. Our best selling 10, 12, and 15 year old cheeses are a true delight!

Williquors was designed for you — easy to shop in with 16 clearly marked wide aisles, full size shopping carts, and so much more. Our main desire is to have more wine, spirit, and beer products available than our customers could imagine and to never stop in our search for more. A true liquid shopping paradise! We are located at 3025 Yorktown Drive in Bismarck. Call us at (701) 751-7373, visit our website at, or visit us on FaceBook to find out more!