To be certain, all dogs are good dogs, and if you have a dog then they are surely the best dog in the world. When I write that huskies are an exceptional breed, therefore, it’s not meant to detract from your golden retriever, dachshund, or Bouvier des Flandres, but rather to make a case in favor of Adopt a Husky Minnesota.

“We’re an organization of volunteers dedicated to rescuing huskies from bad situations and putting them in good homes,” said Chad Johnson, director of marketing at Adopt a Husky Minnesota. “I got involved with the group in 2015, when I got my Oakley. In the past 18 months alone I’ve fostered about 20 huskies, including puppies and special needs dogs, and found forever homes for every one of them.”


“Well,” Chad corrected himself, “I didn’t find, in the strictest sense, a home for one of my fosters. She was a special case. A little while ago we had gotten word through the grapevine about a man in North Dakota whose husky was escaping from his property pretty often. The city didn’t approve, and the dog was becoming a bother, so the man was planning to shoot her.”

“We reached out to the man and told him we would take the husky away with no questions asked. He obliged, so I was tasked with finding the admittedly mischievous dog a new master. I tried very hard to find this beautiful dog a home, but she would become what we term a ‘foster failure’ because I liked her too much so she stayed. Her name is Nala. Like I said, I didn’t technically find a home for Nala — but Nala sure did find a home for herself.”

“Huskies are an intensely social breed,” Chad continued. “Everyone knows that they were bred to pull sleds, but they served another role in the cold Siberian peninsula where they come from, which was to keep people warm at night. It’s where the phrase ‘three dog night’ comes from, meaning it’s so cold that you would need three huskies piled on top of you to sleep comfortably.”

“Because they were essentially bred as blankets, huskies absolutely adore being close to people. I’m met with total, unbridled excitement as soon as I open my front door after work, and my huskies are nearly always by my side after. They even consider my newborn baby their best friend, and follow him everywhere he goes.”

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“Their personalities are a riot, too. Huskies can be a little stubborn, and may argue with you sometimes, especially if you’d like them to come in from the cold. When I say argue, I mean all-out debate — instead of barking, huskies howl and make a noise that’s hard to describe as anything other than talking. Make a husky’s reality fall short of their expectations, and they’ll treat you to this hilarious, guttural grunt-huffing as they try to convince you to make it otherwise. There’s one husky in Minneapolis named Thor the Magnificent who’s gone viral a couple of times for doing the signature husky squabble.”

Making a new friend through Adopt a Husky Minnesota is a simple process. You fill out an application, speak with a volunteer, let them come to your home to make sure that it’s a good one for a husky, and then once everything is greenlit you go and meet some of the scamps. “I tell people not to fall in love with the first husky they meet right away,” said Chad. “A husky will be your bosom friend for years to come. It’s important to take some time to meet with one you connect with on an emotional level.”

You can learn more about rescuing a husky at There you can also take a glance at their charity events, like their upcoming photo shoot where your pup can pose with Santa — perfect for the Christmas card list or your mantel. It will be held at Wag N’ Wash Natural Food & Bakery in Eagan on November 25th from 1:00-4:00pm. (Cats, because they might implode in such an environment, are excluded both for their own good as well as Santa’s.)


By David Scheller