“Are we really going to make a podcast?”

“Sure. Why not?”And so it began. The topic seemed like an obvious choice. Unsolved Mysteries was, after all, the only thing Samantha and I had been able to talk about since the best TV show of our childhood was added to Amazon Prime. Originally aired on NBC from 1987 to 2002, the show featured criminal cases alongside haunted houses, UFO sightings, psychics, lost loves, and supposed buried treasures. It is now mainly remembered as being responsible for plenty of nightmares, due to the combination of creepy theme music and host Robert Stack’s intensely serious voice. There was a time when everyone and their mothers watched Unsolved Mysteries.

But what had happened with those macabre cases? Have their mysteries been solved by now? Or are they still out there, frustrating cold case detectives? Samantha and I resolved to find out.

Our idea was simple: We would watch each episode of Unsolved Mysteries in order, research the mysteries, and then talk about them on our show. It would be a lot like a conversation we would have anyway, except strangers could listen in. Or, more realistically, we thought five people would listen (namely our family members after we forced them to). It was Samantha who came up with the title Perhaps It’s You. This comes from the saying Robert Stack often used to close an episode: “For every mystery, there is someone, somewhere, who knows the truth. Perhaps that someone is watching. Perhaps… it’s you.” We wanted to be the people who solved a mystery! Perhaps it could be us after all.

After watching approximately two and a half YouTube videos on how to make podcast, we realized that it is much, much easier than we expected. Of course, we had no recording experience, and certainly no recording equipment, but that wouldn’t stop us. We recorded our very first episode at the Brooklyn Park library, which is a palace. For example, they have a recording studio which can be used free of charge. (Like I said, a palace!) One episode, a website, and a logo made with a combination of free apps was all we needed to get started. After all, what did we have to lose? Our dignity? Our minds? We had neither to begin with.

Within an hour of posting our first episode on the cruel, cold internet, we were already receiving positive feedback from strangers. It was just the push we needed to invest in our own equipment and start taking this thing ever so slightly more seriously. Flash forward a year and Perhaps It’s You is already on its second season. We’ve covered topics ranging from a possibly magic rock to the Roswell UFO crash to a ghost who loved ringing a bell. In the process we have somehow attracted regular listeners around the globe.

We are hardly a viral sensation after passing the 30,000 downloads mark, but for two nobodies starting from nothing, we are pretty proud of ourselves. We hope you tune in and help us try to solve some mysteries. Or perhaps you should start a podcast, because it’s honestly not that hard.

Perhaps It’s You is available on iTunes, Google Play, and perhapsitsyou.com.


By Liz Walker