When most people think of the best things about North Dakota, the state’s fertile soil, rollicking grasslands, and proud frontier history at once spring to mind. Few would point out its copious snowfall as its star attraction, however. Fortunately Steve Koep is standing by to make the stuff only a passing inconvenience. His company Fargo Snow has grown by leaps and bounds since he founded it after returning from his service in Iraq, and with that mounting success Fargo Snow is able to offer more and more to their community.

Fargo Snow’s state of the art snowblowers have always performed admirably when snowfall chokes the streets of the Fargo-Moorhead area. The rugged machines make a driveway a two minute job at most, and as they blow snow rather than using a plow, homeowners enjoy that there is no lawn damage come spring time. Along with the GPS systems that guide the crews while they work, and the FaceBook page that keeps homeowners apprised of their progress, it’s an efficient and technological endeavor that has yet to be matched in the snow removal business.

New for this year, in addition to offering service when 2” of snow has fallen, Fargo Snow will send their cavalry of snowblowers around when 1” of snow has fallen to customers who would like that upgraded service. Their clients may also opt for sidewalk service, as well as a detail service that removes snow right up to their front doors. If you haven’t got the time or the back to shovel heaps and heaps of snow whenever it comes, Fargo Snow is standing by to make sure you only have to touch the stuff when you decide to surprise your neighbor with a friendly snowball. Their snow service makes a great gift for your spouse or elderly parents come time for the holidays, and an attractive perk to add on if you’re selling your home too.

Fargo Snow’s prosperity has allowed them to strengthen their relationships with three local charities as well. “We have always been firm believers in helping the community that we’re a part of,” explained Steve. “The best thing about growing as a business is that we can now help people in need more than ever before.”

“Breast cancer is an issue that has in one way or another affected nearly all of us,” Steve continued. “That’s why Fargo Snow is teamed up with Pink It Forward, a local family-run charity that has provided financial assistance to the victims of breast cancer throughout the Fargo community since 2013. To show our support, we’re pink-wrapping all of our new tractors and blowers, in addition to helping them out ourselves.”

“Dough 4 Joe is another very important charity to me. It was started in 2005 to help Joe Sampson, a very good friend of mine, afford his treatments for brain and spinal cancer. Joe lost that fight in 2008, but his charity continues to honor his memory by raising money for the families of children fighting cancer like Joe did. We’ve just unveiled our new Dough 4 Joe tractor, and we’re financially supporting the charity that gives 100% of their proceeds to brave kids, too.”

“We’ve greatly admired the efforts of the Fargo Emergency Food Pantry as well, and have provided their snow removal for several years now. We’d like to raise enough money so we may serve them entirely gratis, and to help them stock their shelves with food for anyone in the community who relies on it to get by. I think helping them out is one of the best ways that we can do the most good for everyone where we operate.”

This winter, look for Fargo Snow’s new pink-wrapped tractors and snowblowers around town. They represent your own opportunity to do good by the community, as any donation of up to $25 that you make at one will be matched by the company. For full details on how you can help Fargo Snow give more, please visit FargoSnow.com and click the “Giving Back” link. It’s a great way to give back in the spirit of the holiday season.


By David Scheller