I am a worldly man. I have toured the medieval sandstone caves of Nottingham. I have been kicked out of a Japanese karaoke bar for singing “Livin’ on a Prayer” three times in a row (and I believe nothing else). I once drank Johnny Walker Blue Label from a coffee mug. Worldly as I am, I had thought that I heard of everything. The world constantly conspires to surprise, however, which it very much did to me when I learned that you can have cookie dough for dessert — and right in Fargo no less. What else could I have been missing out on?

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Scoop N Dough Candy Co. in downtown Fargo is in nearly every sense just like the old fashioned ice cream parlors we all cherish: the shelves behind the counter lined with classic candies like jawbreakers, salt water taffies, and liquorice wheels; the panes of glass to weigh options for flavors through; heck, they’ve even got locally made gourmet ice cream. The big, new thing about them, however, is that they have delicious edible cookie dough as well.

“Everyone snuck a taste of raw cookie dough at some point when they were a kid,” said Josh Ulrich, the founder and owner of Scoop N Dough. “We wanted to tap into that sense of nostalgia, to let people relive that sweet, innocent moment without worrying about their parent walloping them with a wooden spoon.”

Fear of mom’s or dad’s rebuke wasn’t the only danger in sneaking a glob of cookie dough, though. Scoop N Dough has done away with the once forbidden treat’s other hazard by making theirs entirely with safe ingredients. “Figuring out how to make each of our flavors from scratch was tricky,” said Josh. “We had to get that special cookie dough consistency just right, because that’s half of the treat’s appeal. A lot of time went into the perfect chunk to dough ratio as well. No one in my family seemed to mind the taste testing part of the job. They’re a selfless bunch.”

Scoop N Dough’s flavors satisfy your expectations for what cookie dough should be, and include s’more, peanut butter cup, loaded chocolate chip, loaded M&M, monster cookie, Funfetti, milk and cookies, and chocolate milk and cookies. This treat is versatile — it can be enjoyed as easily on its own as it can be combined with ice cream, or even as part of a float made with Mexican soda with real sugar.

A wonderful, sweet smell wafts out of Scoop N Dough’s doors courtesy of their giant popcorn machines. On top of their frozen delicacies, they offer gourmet popcorn in all of its best flavors, like cheddar, caramel, classic, and more. Scoop N Dough is toying with some pretty ambitious ideas for their gourmet popcorn in the future, such as sriracha and other flavors, developed in collaboration with local Fargo companies to keep them authentic to the area.

Scoop N Dough is located downtown at 206 Roberts Alley, just across the street from The Boiler Room. They’ll even come to you if you like — Scoop N Dough will cater any event to make it special with their unique, delectable desserts.

“We can’t wait to see where this thing goes,” said Josh. “Right now we’re thrilled to focus on our new flagship shop, but we see a lot of potential for cookie dough in the future. One day, when you tell someone you’re from Fargo, maybe Scoop N Dough will be the first thing that comes to their mind!”


By David Scheller