There are many reasons why you would want to sell your home. Maybe the kids are moving out and you’re ready to downsize, or maybe more are on the way and you need more space. You may have two homes and need only one, or be preparing to move to an assisted living residence. You might want to live nearer to work, be in a better school district, or even just enjoy a change of scenery. Whatever your reason for wanting to sell your home, the rules for doing so are always the same across the board. I spoke with local Twin Cities real estate expert Eric Mahutga at Keller Williams Classic Realty NW for some pointers on how to get the most out of selling a home.

  1. Plan Ahead

Before making such a momentous decision, set out just what you plan to accomplish by selling your home. Not being in a rush will put you in a much stronger position during the selling process, and by not rushing you can be certain of where you’re moving to before your sale has closed. It is good rule of thumb to start planning a sale at least three months in advance. If your situation demands selling even faster, as is often the case when moving to an assisted living residence, a good real estate professional can help speed along the process.

  1. Get a Comparative Market Analysis

A comparative market analysis weighs your home against other very similar homes that have recently closed in your area. This takes guesswork and subjective measures out of the picture when determining how much to ask for your home, and ensures you will get the best price that the market has to offer. Although it may sound like a complicated calculation, a realtor can make fast work of the process thanks to the wealth of information they possess about every closing that takes place in Minnesota.

  1. Do Simple Repairs

First impressions are everything! Every simple repair you make to your home before listing it will more than pay for itself. Even little cosmetic touch-ups like a fresh coat of paint, new carpeting, new handles on the kitchen drawers, and light landscaping will markedly improve your home’s appeal to potential buyers. Buyers notice the small details, even if only subconsciously, and appreciate not having to do repairs on a house after they’ve moved into it.

  1. Get an Inspection

You can be certain that your buyers will get a home inspection report, so it’s critical to receive your own to measure against theirs regardless of your home’s age. Your impartial home inspector will need only a few hours to check every in and out of your home, identifying areas in need of attention such as the tuck pointing in your chimney, the state of your furnace, the cracks in your foundation, and other things that their eye is trained to detect. With this you’ll have a far better idea of what your home is worth, and be able to present it to the market with confidence.

  1. Engage a Realtor

There is a lot more to selling a home than you might realize. A realtor is a marketing specialist who has access to dozens of the websites people shop for houses on. They understand the subtle nuances that fetching the best price for a home demands, and may very likely already know someone who is in the market for a home exactly like yours. A realtor tends to all the ins and outs of setting up showings and stages the home ideally for them. Hiring a realtor to negotiate your sale terms, oversee the inspection, appraisal, and closing, and address any last minute concerns will ease your entire sales process. Realtors on average sell homes for significantly more money than the owners could achieve on their own — their services more than pay for themselves.

If you would like to know more about how to sell your home, receive a complimentary comparative market analysis, and learn what the Twin Cities real estate market can do for you, you are welcome to call Eric Mahutga at (612) 987-2655 or email him at for more information.

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By David Scheller