Without Disney princesses and superheroes, kids would have to settle on real-life historical figures like Matilda of Flanders and Jonas Salk to idolize. While governing the duchy of Normandy and curing polio are admirable feats, they pale in comparison to willing an ice palace into existence or punching a mutant boar so hard that it creates earthquakes on the other side of the planet. (The Incredible Hulk actually did this.)

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The downside of fictional characters used to be that they were not real, but Party Princess Productions has fixed that. When you call upon them, they’ll send nearly any popular Disney, Marvel, DC, or Star Wars character to go to your party and send the kids’ jaws to the floor. Picture a five year old when he realizes that the living and breathing Spider-Man has just come to his birthday. Print can’t do justice to the noises he’d make.

“I’ve always loved comic book characters,” said Angela Eder, the proprietor of Party Princess Productions. “I grew up a little bit too early to enjoy the Disney princess era, so Spider-Man, Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel, and Black Panther were my heroes. I confess to loving the Green Goblin, too — sorry, Spidey — but only because Willem Dafoe and I share the same hometown.”

“Party Princess Productions is set apart by our commitment to authenticity,” Angela disclosed. “All of our costumes are hand-tailored by a professional costume designer of 30 years. He gets the little things right that only a trained eye could notice — the snowflakes on Elsa’s dress, the compartments on Batman’s utility belt, the buttons on Darth Vader’s chestplate. Those details really bring things home.”

“Our greatest asset is our performers, though,” Angela continued. “We only hire vetted actors, and compete with places like The Ordway and Chanhassen Dinner Theater for talent. You’ve got to have theatricians for this line of work, not only for the quality of their performance, but for their ability to improvise as well. For example, the other day we had a mom request Cinderella for her daughter’s birthday party. We sent one of our best, who arrived in character and in full costume. She quickly learned that Cinderella was the mom’s wish, but not the girl’s.”

“The girl had wanted Wonder Woman! It could have been quite a disappointment. Our actress was quick on her feet, though, and secretly explained to the girl that she was in fact Wonder Woman, but in disguise because she was searching for her arch nemesis. That way everyone was happy — the mom got her traditional character, and the daughter got to go on a covert mission with her hero.”

(The one character Angela’s troop refuses to emulate is Captain Jack Sparrow, because there is a man in town who does it so well that they know they can’t top him. I believe I’ve seen him at the state fair, faux-drunkenly beckoning people toward the haunted house. If that is in fact him, then I understand their reservation.)

“It’s always wonderful to see how kids respond to their favorite characters,” Angela continued. “We once had one girl who was undergoing chemotherapy request Ariel from The Little Mermaid for her birthday. She was nervous about meeting her, because she’d lost her hair, so she wore a wig for the big day. Our actress noticed this, and told the girl that her hair wasn’t real, either. The little girl took that in the most heartwarming way — that her idol was bald, too!”

Think about that.

Party Princess Productions is now expanding to include villains as well. “It’s a whole new dynamic, having the hero show up to enjoy the festivities, only to be challenged by his rival,” said Angela. “We had one boy who wanted to see Kylo Ren fight Darth Vader, because that’s one thing the Star Wars movies can never do. We sent two actors who are well-versed in stage combat to go duke it out. Kylo trounced Vader, and the boys went crazy. For the rest of the evening they were out in the backyard practicing lightsaber fighting. I heard they carried on into the next morning.”

If you would like to have Party Princess Productions knock your kid off their feet, call them at (651) 504-0042, or go to partyprincessproductions.com. You may also follow them on Instagram at #msppartyprincess and Facebook at @twincitiespartyprincessproductions.


By David Scheller