I remember when my parents got their first Subaru. The Lynx had just taken an unfortunate Dad-related turn, which would be its last, and the Grand Prix comprising the rest of the family’s fleet wasn’t suitable for Vermont’s icy roads. They needed a powerhouse that could blast through walls of slush, stop on a dime for oblivious deer and not rob Mom blind on gas prices.  They got a Subaru Forester. My earliest memory of that car is driving away from the dealership with my elementary school friend, the two of us in the back with the hatchback door wide open and the dirt road crunching away beneath us.  

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The Forester would live on to carry the following: our new puppy Max, coming home for the first time; me learning to drive; endless loads of wood for illicit teenage bonfire parties; my neighbor and her personal effects after her pipes froze and she needed to stay with us; a friend’s truck after he stuck it in a snowy ditch while doing donuts…and a lot more of life. It was a Racing Green workhorse, and it likely would have kept going if my parents hadn’t replaced it with a new Forester last year.  

That Forester’s practically-endless service is owed to Subaru’s commitment to longevity, reliability and safety. It manifests itself with good fuel economy, reliable parts and the proven ability to endure a collision with flying colors. Despite learning how to drive in a Subaru, I never had to rely on that last factor, but my parents’ peace-of-mind certainly did.  

Muscatell Subaru deals in these ready-for-anything vehicles. Now in their 21st year with the franchise, they just celebrated their first anniversary in their all-new facility located just off the Interstate in Moorhead. Customers enjoy the one-stop drive-through Service Department with a choice of three Customer Lounges. Amenities include drinks, snacks, WIFI and a car wash, all complimentary. Though Subaru models are their mainstay, Muscatell Subaru services most makes and models.    

“There are a lot of reasons why Subaru models have become so popular over the past few years,” explained Case Muscatell, one of the fourth-generation Muscatell family members in the auto business. “For starters, Subaru is constantly revolutionizing safety. They were the first manufacturer to bring the self-stopping car to the non-luxury market. Subaru’s symmetrical all-wheel drive brings the safety-minded in the door. Subaru EyeSight has prevented countless accidents — it alerts you if you veer out of a lane. It has adaptive cruise control that learns your driving habits and will automatically slow down and accelerate in traffic. It even alerts you if you’re getting too close to the car in front of you. With that and other technological perks, like Bluetooth integration and STARLINK navigation, driving a Subaru feels like driving a luxury car without the higher price tag.”  

“Their technology isn’t the only draw,” Case continued. “Subaru’s are not only built in a zero-landfill plant in Indiana, they are built to last with 97% of Subaru’s produced over the past decade still on the road today. We regularly service Subaru’s with 200,000+ miles on their odometers. Longevity is Subaru’s hallmark, so it’s not unheard of to see them with a half-million miles on the odometer.”  

“Every Subaru model offers something valuable and unique. So many car brands have fallen by the wayside and become extinct, but Subaru is not just surviving, it’s thriving. The Forester that you grew up with has evolved to win a lot of accolades and was recently credited by Consumer Reports as the Top Mid-size SUV on the market. Their hip-point entry and ease of visibility makes the Forester popular with all age groups. Being a 2018 Insurance Institute Top Safety Pick has helped the brand as well.”  

“Although it was formerly an offshoot of the Impreza, the Crosstrek has come into its own. It’s both practical with an updated boxer engine and great mileage, yet it’s also spacious and quiet. We’re seeing younger people flocking to this model, as it offers the full suite of SUV advantages, a lower price point, 30+ mpg and a selection of cool colors.”  

“The Subaru Outback is the brand’s flagship. It’s great for every lifestyle and boasts too many safety awards to list. It’s got the ride, maneuverability and fuel economy of a car, but with the versatility of an SUV. The large cargo area and all-weather abilities has made the Subaru Outback especially popular in this area.”  

“Right now, we’re really excited about the 2019 Subaru Ascent available later this year.” Case continued, “This entirely-new model solves one of a Subaru lover’s biggest problems, which is what to do once their family has outgrown their car. The Ascent is available with the choice of seven or eight passenger models and includes Subaru’s standard safety features plus high-end amenities like a heated steering wheel, native Internet capability, a panoramic moonroof and even built-in seat extenders for the taller Subaru customer.”  

Muscatell Subaru recently opened their all-new Pre-Owned facility, located adjacent to the Subaru store. They offer an ever-changing selection of pre-owned cars, trucks, vans and SUV’s, and often buy customer’s cars outright. Muscatell Pre-Owned also houses Muscatell Detail Services, specializing in deep-cleaning vehicles inside and out by appointment.

Located at 2911 11 Street South in Moorhead, and with Sales, Parts and Service open six days a week, Muscatell Subaru is a popular and trusted destination for car enthusiasts and a Fargo-Moorhead staple.


By David Scheller