Everybody loves donuts

Lord knows I do

Everybody loves donuts

Let’s eat just one or two

-Matt “Chainsaw” ChaneySometimes you find your calling a little later in life, as was the case for Sandy Ostlund. He had been a pastor, a baker, a steel worker, and a company manager until he found himself without a line of work at the age of 52. Sandy did then what he was accustomed to doing when he had a little downtime: making donuts for his friends and neighbors.

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Sandy’s friends and neighbors didn’t object to their gifts. They told Sandy that he ought to sell his fried delicacies, that they were so good he would make a fast fortune. That kind of advice is usually lost on the ears of the less entrepreneurial, but not Sandy’s. He thought that making donuts for a living would be a welcome change of pace, so he studied up on ingredients, equipment, and locations before he took the plunge and opened up Sandy’s Donuts & Coffee Shop in West Fargo in 1983.

“People in Fargo quickly learned about what my father was up to, and came to try it for themselves,” said Mark Ostlund, Sandy’s son and inheritor of the business. “Sandy’s quickly earned a loyal following, with people staking up outside early in the morning to wait for the lights to go on.”

“Back when our first location opened up, we had only one fryer,” Mark continued. “My dad had that hard-working fryer working 14 hours a day, turning out about 10,000 donuts. We’ve since upgraded to four fryers, all working nearly round the clock to fry up to 17,000 donuts a day. I tell people that we make a lot of dough.”

“We owe our success to our commitment to quality,” Mark explained. “We don’t make cheap donuts, because cheap donuts aren’t worth making. We use top grade flour and premium ingredients for fillings, and we take our time to make everything from scratch daily.”

“All the same, we don’t charge gourmet prices. That’s not what Sandy’s is about. We just want to make great donuts for the entire Fargo community, like my dad always did.”

Sandy’s starts preparing every batch of donuts at their West Fargo headquarters at 4:00pm in anticipation of the following day. Their trucks deliver to their downtown location at 6:00am, so everything is fresh and ready when they open their doors a half hour later. It’s a delicate, perpetual dance that ensures Fargo her delicious donuts.

Sandy’s is a regular cornucopia of the goods: angel iced Bismarcks, Butterfinger crumbles, chocolate Bavarian Long Johns, double chocolate peanut butters, german chocolates, maple fried cinnamon rolls, and even muffins, cookies, and bars as well. A good donut demands a proper cup of joe, so Sandy’s serves coffee roasted weekly. That makes it a true balanced breakfast.


You may visit Sandy’s in downtown Fargo at 300 Broadway N or in West Fargo at 301 Main Ave W. Their downtown location opens at 6:30am, while their West Fargo location opens at 5:30am. If you have important business that you have to do somewhere other than a donut shop, take note: Sandy’s five delivery vans will go wherever they’re called to, and can bring one to one hundred dozen donuts. If you haven’t had Sandy’s donuts before, start off with fifty dozen donuts, and gradually work your way up.


By David Scheller