The best way to make something magnificent is to combine two things that are already great on their own.  Combine milk and sugar, and you get ice cream. Combine corn and the South, and you get Bourbon. Put Paul McCartney and John Lennon together, and you get The Beatles.  Put The Beatles and Yoko Ono together, and you get a couple of amazing solo careers, plus you still have Yoko Ono. When you combine the two absolute pinnacles of human achievement, and of course I mean classic rock and Mexican food, you get Vinyl Taco.  Placed on 520 1st Ave N in Fargo, this joint offers authentic, from scratch south of the border fare set to turntable music.

“When it comes to music, you can’t beat the soul that comes from records,” said Vinyl Taco’s general manager Anthony Dub.  “We always keep two turntables spinning behind the bar, and we only play the best that you can find on vinyl: The Rolling Stones, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Johnny Cash, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Steve Miller Band — if it rocks, it plays.  I love seeing people tapping their toes while they enjoy our food.”

To contrast their unconventional soundtrack for a Mexican restaurant, Vinyl Taco leans traditional with their food menu.  All of their dishes are prepared in the same fashion perfected by Mexico’s best cooks. Their pork belly tacos are outstanding, as they use the same cut of meat which bacon is made from and cure it for 12 hours to make one of the softest, juiciest, best uses of pork in the Midwest.  Their tacos molcajetes come in a big, pig shaped bowl, prepared according to a secret recipe that not even magazine writers are privy to and perfect for sharing. Their barbacoa, carne asada, and fajitas are also fine remedies for a Fargoan winter. Who would have thought that the perfect food for cold weather could come from Mexico?

Churro Waffles

Vinyl Taco’s love for classic rock extends to their drink menu.  Their Rocket Man mojito is made with Milagro silver, fresh lime juice, mint, and soda, certain to make you feel the love tonight or on any other night you might care to have one.  Their Beast of Burden is a mule made with Maker’s Mark, maple syrup, fresh lime juice, and ginger beer — fittingly, this drink might give you sticky fingers. Their Proud Mary piña colada with Malibu rum and real pineapple juice and coconut milk is good enough that it doesn’t even need a cute joke to go along with its description.

Vinyl Taco is a cozy place to dine in with cheerful red brick walls, mosaics depicting rock and roll legends, beaming light-up signs, and a brooding buffalo standing guard over the island bar, keeping watch over the precious liquors within.  Their menus are written on album covers, so if you’ve ever dreamed of ordering dinner off of a copy of Street Survivors, this is your big chance. Go to Vinyl Taco to discover a new classic.


By David Scheller