Going without internet these days is tantamount to not having power, heat, or plumbing. Fifteen minutes sans email and Facebook is enough to turn even the liveliest social butterfly into a pariah. A gamer without internet is as good as chopped liver, and good luck to the telecommuter who hasn’t got a proper connection — the office isn’t going to appreciate their work submitted via smoke signal.Being without good internet is even worse just after you’ve moved to a new home. Compound the stress of relocating with not being able to work, update your friends on your new surroundings, or look at your uncle’s vacation photos, and you’ll have a grade A situation on your hands.

Fortunately, we’ve got North Star Fiber standing by to make connecting to high speed internet fast and simple. This local ISP specializes in giving residents of the Twin Cities’ apartments, townhomes, and condos total control over quality internet. Buildings with North Star’s system in place are already finding it to be the deciding factor for prospective tenants. People love that they can just plug in and go!

Starting up with North Star where it’s available is easy. Just sign up for service, plug your device into the preinstalled ethernet jack, and you’re done. With no contract or activation fee for their month-to-month plans, there is no serious commitment when signing up for North Star. Best of all, once you have signed up, your price will be locked and never rise for as long as you continue your service.

North Star offers internet to match every need with plans for 60, 200, 600, and 1000 Mbps available. Their most popular 200 Mbps plan lets users download an entire HD movie in only seven and a half minutes. That’s a lifesaver for evenings when the pizza’s ready but you forgot to line up the entertainment in advance, or when you want to download the new triple A game from Steam and play it right away. It’s not just good for downloading, either — North Star’s clients enjoy uploading files to the internet as quickly as they do downloading them. That’s tremendous for people working from home or YouTube stars in the making.

North Star believes in freedom of internet. They follow the principle of net neutrality and grant equal access to every website. That means you can enjoy the big sites just as well as you can your favorite Mongolian basket weaving forum. North Star has no data caps, so you’re always able to do as much as you like. North Star also lets you stream video through any service, to any device. Are you going on vacation for a month or six? Just cancel your service, go bask in the sun, and start it up again whenever you’re back up north. You can just as easily change your service and billing information, too.

With the freedom they grant their clients over that all important utility, North Star is the best way to access the internet in the Twin Cities. Visit northstarfiber.com today to learn more about the internet you want, however and whenever you want it!


By David Scheller