For many people, it used to be that having a tattoo meant you had “MOM” with a heart and arrow on your bicep.  As time went on, it could indicate you had some type of barbed wire design around your calf. Not long after that came full sleeves, turning your entire arm into a work of art.  Even then, facial tattoos were reserved for only the most hardcore of rappers. But not anymore.

Left unexplained, putting permanent ink on delicate parts of your face in lieu of makeup seems unconventional.  Cosmetic tattooing has become a staple of modern beauty, however, as many have gotten on board with it.

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I spoke with Angie Byboth of Permanent Makeup Arts, a cosmetic makeup provider at 4204 Cedar Ave, Minneapolis.  A Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional and member of the Society of Permanent Cosmetics Professionals, Angie combines her degree in biomedical sciences with her natural artistic talent to create high quality permanent makeup designs.  She has been in the permanent cosmetics business since 2005 and loves what she does.

“I love making people more self-confident and able to save time getting ready.” Angie said.  “My goal is to never stop increasing my knowledge and improving my skills.”

Permanent Makeup Arts provides a wide range of services including permanent eyebrows, eyeliner, and lipstick pigmentation and tattoo removal.  One of the most desired services Permanent Makeup Arts offers is microblading of the eyebrows. Microblading is a manual method of gently and accurately applying pigment to a specified area.  First, the eyebrows are shaped. Then a local anesthetic is applied and the procedure is administered. One touch-up appointment is necessary approximately six weeks later, and then some years afterward if the color begins to fade.

Although it’s natural to be a little nervous going into the procedure, and it’s always possible with anything of this nature to feel pain, Angie informed me that most people are pretty comfortable throughout.  If need be, she applies a secondary anesthetic which makes most people feel nothing at all.

Angie’s husband Martin works with her at Permanent Makeup Arts as well.  He specializes in scalp micropigmentation. That’s a fancy term for tattooing areas of the scalp where a person has experienced hair loss.  Martin performs hair follicle replication as his main form of scalp micropigmentation. The results look great and can even stimulate some natural hair growth.

Permanent Makeup Arts can also help hide areas of scarring or previous injury which may appear distorted.  It’s called medical tattooing. Individuals who have had medical procedures may be especially interested in this.  It can be safely administered to most areas of the body.

Perhaps the most interesting service offered by Permanent Makeup Arts is body sculpting.  Angie uses a machine to project ultrasound waves to a specific area of the body where a client would like to shed some pounds.  The ultrasound waves enter the body and loosen up fat cells. The client must then exercise and maintain a good diet for three days.  At that point, the treated area will appear slimmed.

You’d be hard pressed to find more qualified or experienced professionals in this field.  Both Angie and her husband even train others in their craft. If you’re considering undergoing one of their many procedures, contact Permanent Makeup Arts at (612) 332-0142 or log on to for more information.  This is one tattoo you won’t regret!


By Anthony Chiofalo