LeeAnne’s Bridal earned some statewide attention a couple of years ago for giving free wedding dresses to military and first responder brides.  Imagine that: Coming home from serving our nation in some sand-blasted place, finally able to settle down in hometown North Dakota, seeing your beautiful bride as a rhapsody in lace on your much anticipated wedding day, and knowing that your community loves and cares for you.  LeeAnne’s Bridal owner Cindy Dokken may not want such a credit, but it’s hers nonetheless.LeeAnne’s Bridal specializes in helping their clientele look their absolute best on the most important days of their lives.  Their wedding dresses, bridesmaids’ dresses, and tuxedos are always carefully tailored and custom fitted to bring out their wearers’ best traits, and they’re open every day of the week save for summer Sundays on 4340 13th Avenue SW in Fargo.  If you’re planning a wedding, go there any time to meet with an experienced wardrobe specialist who will help you understand how to dress for the big day.

“We understand how important their wedding day is,” said Cindy.  “There’s so much going on — the ceremony, the food, the guests, and the family, so we try to make our end as stress-free and fun as it can be.”  That’s why Cindy made LeeAnne’s a warm, welcoming environment, a respite away from the frenzied wedding planning process. Gown shopping is by appointment only, and looking for a dress at LeeAnne’s is an ideal break away from the fray.  Imagine looking at yourself clad in that lily white gown in a three way mirror — that moment deserves the tranquility which LeeAnne’s offers.

LeeAnne’s trademark quality isn’t reserved for brides and their bridesmaids.  Are you going to prom and want to be certain you’ve got the best look of all your classmates?  LeeAnne’s will not only fit you with the perfect dress, they’ll additionally make sure you’re the only one at the dance wearing the dress you chose — with their personal registry, they won’t sell the same dress to two girls at the same school.  LeeAnne’s only deals in authentic, designer dresses, so going there is assurance you’ll look your finest.


LeeAnne’s is for men as well.  As Oscar Wilde put it to us guys, “Looking good and dressing well is a necessity.  Having a purpose in life is not.” That’s why LeeAnne’s offers tuxedos by leading designers Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, and Michael Kors.  Have you ever worn a tuxedo? It makes everything you do feel like you’re James Bond. (Just don’t flirt with Miss Moneypenny if you’re planning on getting hitched.)

If you’d like to go to LeeAnne’s, call in ahead of time to ensure you get the best, personalized service.  They’ll gladly meet with you, understand what you’re after, and measure you for a perfect fit. There’s a big day in front of you if you’re looking for a breathtaking dress.  Put your faith in the people who absolutely love dresses, and go to LeeAnne’s Bridal.


By David Scheller