Practicing yoga has many benefits: taking time to breathe, a chance to calm the mind, and getting a decent stretch, for starters.  When these are the very things you need in your life, head over to Imbue Yoga in south Minneapolis. A cozy yoga studio located in the Witch District, it is the perfect spot to enliven your soul and renew your spirit.

Imbue offers a range of classes and workshops, from traditional vinyasa to aerial yoga.  This welcoming, community oriented studio is the creation of Mary Bue, who relocated to Minneapolis from Duluth over a year ago when the space suddenly became available.

Does the name Mary Bue sound familiar to you?  Well, you may already be familiar with her as a musician, well known for performing around the Twin Cities and beyond.  “I was drawn to yoga as a way to balance out the roller coaster of emotions that come with being an über sensitive singer-songwriter and living the lifestyle of touring and playing in bars all the time,” said Mary.  “Yoga has grounded me and helped me to stay in control of my ego…sort of!”

In fact, many of Imbue’s instructors are also musicians, making it a comfortable space for creatives who may not enjoy the typical gym experience.  “This is yoga for normal people, working people, weirdos, artists, bodies of all types. All are welcome,” Mary said. “I recently led a ‘Yoga for Neurotic Artists’ series using some of the concepts from Julia Cameron’s book The Artist’s Way, Jungian psychology, and yoga principles and philosophy to help artists uncover their ‘infinite creative bliss.’  It was a hoot!”

Despite having opened Imbue fewer than two years ago, Mary has worked hard to make her studio an asset to our local community.  For example, every month Imbue hosts a donation-based yoga class and vegan potluck to raise money for various worthy causes. (No, you don’t have to be a vegan to attend!)  Mary is delighted to see students walking and biking to class, particularly now that there is a cute yellow bike rack out front.  Her studio offers the chance to be on a first-name basis with instructors and see the same friendly faces week after week. “I am truly amazed and grateful for all the new friends and connections that have come into my life, and it is very gratifying to see friendships built between students during classes,” said Mary.

So what words of encouragement does Mary have for people who have never attempted yoga before?  “Half the battle is just showing up to your first class! If you have questions, reach out to an instructor or studio owner to see what might be a right fit for you.  Show up ten minutes early to get your bearings, and know that it isn’t a competition, it’s about connecting with your body and breath. The goal of yoga is to calm and balance us, to keep our spines young, our breath strong, and our outlooks hopeful.  It is about deeper self knowledge, not putting your foot behind your ear!”

A proud member of the arising Witch District, Mary Bue is an entrepreneur making magic right here in Minneapolis.  In the future she hopes to offer yoga teacher training at Imbue, as well as corporate wellness programs and retreats across Minnesota.  Whatever the fates have in store for her, I’m sure it will be very special indeed.


By Liz Walker