We owe much of our civilization’s greatness to wine.  Because wine has a pleasant color which we would prefer to see while we enjoy it, there arose a great demand for a clear material from which we could craft drinking vessels.  Glass fit that bill nicely, so we learned how to make it well.  Glass is good for more than just drinking from, however.  Eventually we would use glass in telescopes to explore space, in microscopes to inspect life on the cellular level, and in microcircuitry to send pictures of cats all over the world.  Without wine we would have had none of those beautiful revelations.

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Without wine we wouldn’t have Warehouse Winery, either.  Warehouse Winery began in 2009 when Billy Smith inherited Gopher Motors from his father John.  Billy was more interested in merlots than turbos, however.  He had for some time already been growing wine grapes in his front yard in Wayzata, quite an accomplishment in a state with a growing season that is, at best, hypothetical.  Billy believed that his Cabernet blend was too good to deprive the masses of, so he converted his newly acquired garage into a winery.

To this day Warehouse Winery still grows all of their grapes in Wayzata.  They do all of their fermentation and bottling on location as well.  Rather than use barrels made entirely from smoked wood, Billy adds pieces of specially smoked wood to each of his steel barrels so he may better control his blends’ characters.  Whereas other wineries may let their barrels stay sealed for years, which permits tannens to accumulate, Billy opens his barrels every 30 days to permit oxidation.  With 21 varieties of wine now available, Warehouse Winery’s selection leaves nothing to whine about.

Surprisingly, their wine isn’t Warehouse Winery’s star attraction any longer — it is their beautiful 7,000 square foot warehouse-style space, which is available to rent for special events.  Warehouse Winery is adorned with striking pieces of original artwork collected by Billy during his decades of travel.  Many of their pieces were created by master wielder Billy himself!  The winery’s reception hall fits 150 guests seated, or 200 standing.  

“Our artistically crafted space was designed and constructed by the winemaker himself, making it the perfect location for weddings, social gatherings, corporate functions, birthday parties, bachelorette parties, and much more,” said Amy Zook of Warehouse Winery.  “Our in-house caterers Green Mill Catering and Sterling Catering take care of all the details of the events we host.  Our experienced staff knows the supreme importance of food, and they create the right presentation for the events we host right down to every last finishing touch.”

Warehouse Winery is currently offering 15% off of room rentals until the end of March.  If you would like to host a classy party in a distinctively decorated venue, go and lose yourself at Warehouse Winery at 6415 Cambridge St, Minneapolis.  Remember: Without wine there would be no civilization.  What have you done for wine in return lately?


By David Scheller