A spell has fallen over south Minneapolis. There lies the Witch District, a group of locally owned businesses nestled between the Powderhorn and Corcoran neighborhoods. They include Sea Wolf Tattoo Company, the Women’s Woodshop, The White Page gallery, and Imbue Yoga, but the heart of the Witch District is a place cryptically known as The Future.

The Future is part retail space and part DIY space. In addition to their small store of witchy items, jewelry, oils, and magazines, The Future offers a meeting space for events such as tarot readings, séances, and artist talks. Owner and medium Lacey Prpi? Hedtke has been overwhelmed by community support for her unconventional business venture. “It’s inspiring to have so many people come into the shop excited for what we offer,” Lacey said. “I’ve met countless amazing people since I opened the space, and many new projects have gotten off the ground because of their enthusiasm.”

Lacey is very proud to support our artisan community, and she estimates that over half of her vendors are local. The Future is notable for hosting residencies for artists, healers, and (naturally) witches. I asked Lacey about how these residencies fit within her creative vision. “I love the Twin Cities and the Midwest, so I included the residency program at The Future as a way to invite local artists as well as others from out of the area to contribute to our community,” she explained. “I’m fortunate to be able to help visionaries interact with the neighborhood, and vice versa. Artists’ contributions to their environment benefit us all in so many ways.”

According to Lacey, anyone interested in becoming a witch should start with the desire to make the world a better place. The Future contains an expansive library to aid in that pursuit, and all are welcome to it for casual perusal or thorough research. Lacey recommends the following as good witch primers: Revolutionary Letters by Diane di Prima, Women Who Run With the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estés, and The Many Moons Workbook by Modern Women. Other books on magic, religion, and other interesting topics are available for sale as well.

How can people contribute to growing and empowering the Witch District? On this topic, Lacey has the following advice: “If you’re shopping for a unique gift, some magical supplies, or a great read, come and see what The Future has to offer. The business we do greatly helps our artists in residence, and it lets us host our free events as well. See the stunning local art at the Hair and Nails or The White Page galleries. Take a class at Imbue Yoga or Women’s Woodshop. Go vegan for a day with Punk Rawk Labs’ delicious vegan cheese. Get tattooed at Sea Wolf Tattoo. Donate to important projects which promote local public art like Mapping Prejudice or Pillsbury House and Theatre. Just walk around the area and appreciate how special Minneapolis is for having so many artists and interesting spaces.”

The Witch District is the Twin Cities at its most authentic. The businesses housed there are all one-of-a-kind and showcase the spirit and individuality that make up the true Midwest. Visit with an open mind and it is sure to cast a spell on you, too.


By Liz Walker