Looking good and dressing well is a necessity.  Having a purpose in life is not.

-Oscar Wilde

I used to work at weddings.  I was the gawky teenager wearing a nametag and a vest patterned to obscure stains who would pass around hors d’oeuvres, bring the beef, chicken, or vegetarian options to guests, and straighten up in the wake of the celebration.  In my couple of years setting the knot tying scene, I have seen it all.  I witnessed the rise and collapse of many a structurally unsound cake.  I saw one father of the bride thoroughly drenched by a dropped tray of champagnes, and very up close because I was the one who dropped it.  I even observed a rather colorful ceremony brought about by a bottle of merlot, an antihistamine pill, and an unfortunate bridesmaid who had consumed both just beforehand.

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None of these things were enough to spoil the wedding, though.  Better spirits triumphed.  To my knowledge, there is only one thing so gross and inexcusable that it will ruin a wedding beyond redemption, and that is a poorly dressed groom (and, by extension, his groomsmen).  Most people think that people only pay attention to the bride at a wedding, but let me assure you, those aged and respected Aunt Graces and Esthers and Roses of the world, the ones who control the family ethos with a quiet but iron grasp, will take one look at a groom wearing Keds and a tie from a cereal box and resolve to make his life miserable forever, starting immediately.

That’s why, in the event that I ever get married for real one day, I’m glad I will have the good men at Atmosfere in the North Loop on my side.  The proprietor of the men’s clothier, Dan Capetz, has been in the business since the 80’s, and he along with his son and employee Damon are connected to the finest suit makers in the area.  This dad and lad enterprise carries a full stock of suits, keeps two dedicated tailors on hand, and has everything you’ll need to look good on your day at the altar.

“The key to wearing a suit correctly,” explained Damon, “is proper tailoring.  Wearing a suit off the rack is the equivalent of eating a Thanksgiving dinner without cooking it first.  But before we tailor a man’s suit, we will have it crafted to his specifications.  Whereas your typical men’s clothier may have five fabrics to choose from, we offer fifty, and we get new swatches in every week.  It’s because of this versatility that we’ve tailored to so many unique demands.  We’ve done Scottish style weddings with kilts, tracked down discontinued articles our clients had set their hearts on, and even once helped a couple of friends recreate the infamous Dumb and Dumber look.  If it can be done with a suit, we can do it.”

“The beauty of men’s fashion,” continued Damon, “is its permanence.  Things can always use refinement, but the defining elements of men’s fashion will never change.  There is no revolutionary look on the horizon — a great suit now will be a great suit in a hundred years.  We always bear that in mind in the work that we do.”

Having tailored for 320 weddings in 2017 alone, Atmosfere has truly found its calling in men’s fashion.  Nonetheless, their clientele is not limited to those getting hitched and the ones helping them do so.  They also serve the well-dressed man no matter what his needs may be, whether it’s to dominate in business, peacock at the nightclub, or simply look smashing wherever else his elegantly shod feet might carry him.

“Our mission is that our clients leave our store looking their absolute best.  Where else would you see the owner of a store sitting there sewing buttons?” Damon asked, motioning to his father bent over a two button blazer.  Indeed, Atmosfere has a personal stake in every gentleman they clothe.  To them, anything less than the best is someone else’s business.


By David Scheller