Mother and daughter Marceia Andreasen and Kelly Falk have always shared a passion for shopping at boutiques, especially together.  Finding a new one and all of the exciting and oftentimes unique items in it brings them the joy of discovery, sweetened even more by the time they spend together.  So why not, they figured, open their own boutique and make the eternal hunt that much more rewarding?

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That’s precisely what they did.  Kelly left her marketing job, and Marceia carved out a hefty chunk of her free time when she wasn’t school teaching, and together in May of 2015 they opened their boutique Kindred People in Alexandria, Minnesota.  Following great success there, they opened their second location in downtown Fargo last August.

“When we first started out,” said Marceia, “we weren’t even sure whether Kelly would have to take a part-time job in addition to the boutique.  We were floored by the support of the community, however, and turnout has been so great that Kelly is pleased to work for Kindred People now as her only job!”

Kindred People specializes in ladies’ apparel, jewelry, and accessories, as well as home décor and gifts including men’s and children’s clothing.  “We prioritize carrying goods made by local artisans around Fargo, North Dakota, and Minnesota,” explained Kelly.  “We have just started carrying an exclusive line of North Dakota state pride apparel which we designed with the aid of various artists.”  Marceia and Kelly are also proud to offer their newest line of apparel by Free People, a timeless, free spirited, and bohemian look.

“Of course,” continued Kelly, “in order to really bring our vision of fashion to Fargo, we have searched for great creators all around the country.  Mom and I regularly fly to trade and fashion shows in other states so we may discover artisans whose talents we adore.  We also scour sites like Instagram and Etsy to find artists whose goods might otherwise only be available online.”

“I’m 46, and Kelly is 25, so we get to team up to bring clothing to a wide age range of people,” said Marceia.  “We strive to cater to every taste, and we dress people for casual and formal events alike, and even just for comfy days spent home.  Whatever the occasion for it might be, though, we only carry the highest quality clothing.  Our goal is to have something wonderful for everyone who walks through our door.”

“We’ve mulled over opening a third location,” said Kelly, “but right now we’re focused on really appreciating what makes Fargo’s style unique and catering to it as best as we can.  We are truly fortunate to have a store in a city with such fine artists to work with and clients to dress!”

Go and see in person what makes this mother and daughter team’s boutique so special the next time you’re in downtown Fargo at 300 Broadway N.  See what they have to offer online at as well — they’re always discovering new things, so you can too!


By David Scheller