Santa’s reindeer would have to fly 6.5 million mph in order to deliver presents to every child in the world.  Flying that fast would be a tremendous strain on the reindeer, which is why Santa saves time by delivering presents only to good children.Santa Claus has his own postal code in Canada: HOH OHO

In a letter to his brother written on Christmas in 1750, Benjamin Franklin describes the time he almost died trying to electrocute a turkey: “I have lately made an Experiment in Electricity that I desire never to repeat.  Two nights ago being about to kill a Turkey by the Shock from two large Glass Jarrs containing as much electrical fire as forty common Phials, I inadvertently took the whole thro’ my own Arms and Body.”

On average, Minnesota gets five to ten times more snow each year than Antarctica does.

The world record for largest Santa Claus gathering was set on December 27th, 2014 by 18,112 people in Kerala, India.  Large gatherings of Santas can be perilous: In 2004, the annual gathering of Santas in Newtown, Wales ended in a mass brawl resulting in the arrests of up to 30 people.

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The original Santa Claus was from Turkey and rode a donkey named Gui.  He could be accompanied by a character called Father Whipper who specialized in punishment for naughty children rather than gifts.  What kind of punishment, no one can say.

The makeup Jim Carrey wore while filming How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000) took three hours to apply and another one to remove.  Carrey found the process so excruciating that he sought advice from a CIA agent on how to endure torture.

Every year at the Dresden Zoo after Christmas, the animals who are so inclined to eat them enjoy a feast of discarded Christmas trees.  Elephants can eat five Christmas trees in one sitting, not counting ornaments.

Christmas Island was discovered on Christmas day by Captain William Mynors in 1643.  It wasn’t inhabited until 244 years later, and today has only about 2,000 people on it.  

A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965) was initially rejected by the executives at CBS.  They didn’t like the cartoon’s amateurish voice acting, anti-consumerism theme, and jazz soundtrack.  In response to these criticisms after the first screening, a drunken animator yelled out “It’s going to run for a hundred years!” before falling over.  At this rate, he was right.

The world’s oldest artificial Christmas tree is owned by Janet Parker of Chippenham, England.  It was purchased for her great aunt from Woolworths in 1886.  Parker still decorates the 12 inch tree every year.

In 1494, ruler of Florence Piero de’ Medici ordered then 20-years-old Michelangelo to make a snowman in his courtyard.  No description of Michaelangelo’s snowman survives, although eyewitnesses reported it was “very beautiful.”

Elves were first mentioned in Anglo-Saxon medical manuscripts, in which they were blamed for afflicting people and livestock with internal pains and mental disorders.  Elves have since reformed and now make Nintendos and iPhones.

Thanks to an unusually successful advertising campaign, KFC has become the traditional Christmas dish in Japan.

Both male and female reindeer grow antlers.  At over 3,000 miles, North American reindeer have the longest migration route of any mammal on earth.  Some subspecies of reindeer make clicking sounds so they can stay together in blizzards.

In A Christmas Story (1983), when the bully Scut Farkus first appears, the wolf theme from Sergei Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf plays.  “Farkas” is Hungarian for wolf.


By David Scheller