While Lux Communities (Lux) would be considered a relatively young property and development company, their impressive list of stylish and well-situated properties says otherwise. Shop Dine Live sat down with Lux’s Vice President, Donna Block, and Marketing Specialist, Heather Zinger, to get a look inside the company and its mission. Tell us a little bit of history about Lux Communities.

“Lux Communities was started about five years ago, in conjunction with Enclave Development, its sister company, whom develops all our properties.”

Which properties do you manage and where are they located?

“Currently we operate in Fargo, Moorhead and Grand Forks and maintain roughly 2,000 units between those three cities. “

Lux manages and operates an impressive number of properties in the Fargo-Moorhead area, including:


Northtown Crossing

The Retreat at Urban Plains

Encore at Urban Plains

The Addition

Stonecrest Apartments

Lux also has several properties located in Grand Forks, North Dakota.

What is the mission of Lux Communities?

“Lux wants to provide residents with upscale yet affordable living options. We want people who are searching for a home to say specifically ‘I want to live in a Lux apartment.’ We really want to challenge our competitors to build better products. It raises the standard across the board.”

How is Lux Communities and its properties unique?

“Because we are a development company too, we have the luxury of continually developing all of our properties. We’re always looking for our residents to give us feedback on their experiences, so that, with every property we build, we can dive even deeper into the design. Our properties are intentionally designed with the resident in mind.”

Tell us a little bit about 300lime, your most recently created project.

“We are downtown Fargo’s first amenity-packed, lifestyle-driven apartment community. Everything from the huge rooftop deck, to the yoga studio and bike workstation, was designed with user experience in mind.”

Where did the design inspiration for 300lime come from?

“When we started the 300lime project, we first looked at the other metropolitan areas and the amenities that those properties had, in terms of renter experience. We looked at, for example, Minneapolis, Denver, and Seattle and then brought some of those ideas to 300lime. “

The 300lime project is also seeking to incorporate local elements, in terms of artwork and interiors.

“One of the things we’re most excited about is that we are doing a partnership with the Fargo Moorhead Visual Artists. Every couple months we will feature a new artist’s works in the art gallery in the lobby.”
Lux Communities appears to be embracing technology, in the form of using live video, being active on social media. Talk a little bit about that.

“We understand that our target market is all going digital. We need to be where those people who want to rent our apartments are going to be, and right now that’s online. For example, Facebook is rapidly becoming the number one lead source for apartments.”

Lux also cited that using newer digital strategies such as having local influencers and working with creative companies will pay off in regards to exposure.


Any upcoming projects?

“We do have an upcoming project set for next year called Uptown and Main. It will be a mixed-use property featuring multi-family living spaces and retail. “

As Lux continues to expand and grow, their hope is to continue pushing the envelope of the ‘renter’s experience,’ by continuing to provide new and exciting amenities to their residents.

For more information regarding Lux Communities and its properties, visit livewithlux.com.


By Paul Hankel