LOGOFixed.pngThe Twin Cities rock, so it’s no surprise that Minneapolis is home to a guitar shop that rocks too.  Twin Town Guitars is a cornucopia of musical instruments and accessories.  For most musicians, walking into Twin Town is like stumbling upon Santa’s workshop.  It’s overwhelming in the best kind of way, and it’s nearly impossible to choose just one thing there that you’ll want to take home with you.Since they opened their doors in 1997, Twin Town has stocked its shelves with top of the line six strings, bass guitars, amps, drums, and all the other instruments and accessories musicians look for.  Twin Town is all-inclusive, offering lessons and service in addition to retail.  From kids to adults, whomever the customer, Twin Town gives the joy of the holidays all year round.

The retail selection at Twin Town is expansive, even daunting, but their staff has the expertise necessary to help you find what you’re looking for.  Whatever budget you have or level of customization you’re after, Twin Town has it.  You can pick up a starter guitar for around $100, or move all the way up to high-end, well-respected brands like Fender, Gibson, and Martin.

Lessons are offered at Twin Town for affordable prices and taught by talented musicians with years of experience.  Students can choose between private lessons or group classes.  Students with a specific desire and focus may prefer to go for a private lesson, while those looking for fun, interactive sessions might be interested in some of the group lessons available such as ukulele class, youth or teen band group, and songwriting.  Twin Town also offers a violin workshop, music theory class, and a build your own pedal workshop.

“The crazy thing about music is that it’s essentially a lifetime pursuit,” said Andrew Bell, owner of Twin Town for 20 years.  “When kids start, it can really define who they become as a musician.  While parents might want their kids to play a certain instrument, it may be better for the child to choose their own path and not put too much weight on their exact musical expression.  That’s why Twin Town offers sample classes, weekly half hour sessions which let beginners experience four different instruments for two weeks each.  The students pick the instruments they try and can later decide what they stick with.  That’s a good way to begin a musical passion.”

There are all levels of classes for adults as wells, and instructors at Twin Town tailor their lessons to suit their students’ needs.  It may take some people half a lifetime before they pursue an instrument they’ve always been drawn to, but starting late is better than never.

Twin Town offers gift certificates for the holidays, perfect for the musician on your list who’s after something but you’re not sure just what.  Stop by to see all they have to offer at their store at 3400 Lyndale Avenue S, Minneapolis.  Just walking in and speaking to one of their experts will give you a dose of holiday cheer.  You can unwrap many more gift options on their website at twintown.com.


By Anthony Chiofalo