Who among us doesn’t like finding a good treasure?  Of course, the definition of “treasure” can mean different things to different people, but the concept is still the same.  There’s a bargain hunter inside all of us.  Thanks to places like Phat Kat Antiques & Vintage Vinyl, you have a place to let yours shine.

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Owner Shannon Grindberg grew up in the Fargo/Moorhead area, and his love for collecting things spawned the opening of the store.  “I’ve always collected something, from Star Wars to Hot Wheels to records,” he said.  “I used to go to this huge flea market in Denver and kind of learned the ins and outs of running a store from there.”  Grindberg has been involved in the industry in one form or another for the past 20 years.  “After seeing what gets bought and sold, I decided to switch from bigger furniture pieces to smaller items, one being vinyl,” he explained.  “I just decided that records seemed like a great way to go, seeing that I love music.”

Phat Kat sells a wide variety of items, including pop culture memorabilia that any new collector can relate to.  The walls of Phat Kat are lined with posters from the music and entertainment industry, and an impressive selection of antiques lines the store’s shelves.  According to Grindberg, music is still one of his biggest hits.  “The experience of listening to vinyl is much more pleasant than digital music,” he said.  “I think that, overall, people like antique shops because they have things they don’t need.  The things we want make us feel a lot better when we buy them.”

As far as collectibles, if you can imagine it, Phat Kat can likely provide it.  The store stocks everything from old toys, comic books, and holiday decorations to metal signs, coin collections, and hunting gear — and much, much more.  Phat Kat also has over 20,000 records to rifle through, including full albums, 45s, imported albums, bootleg editions, collectible editions, and rare pressings.  (If you find any Styx albums, give me a call.)

For the video game lover, Phat Kat also stocks an assortment of game consoles and games.  If your collection is missing an Atari 2600 or Sega Genesis, or you’ve been longing to play the Game Cube from your youth, give Grindberg a call.  You can be blasting aliens and saving kidnapped princesses in no time at all.

Phat Kat also purchases items from those wanting to liquidate collections or from those just wishing to make a little money from things lying around the house.  As the old saying goes, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”  Never underestimate the appeal of retro items and antiques.

The business at Phat Kat has been steadily increasing since the store opened.  Although the future is uncertain, Grindberg has every reason to be optimistic.  He would like to invite anyone who has yet to visit the store to stop by.  “It is a unique, eclectic gathering of things.  Good or bad, you won’t forget us.

Phat Kat Antiques & Vintage Vinyl is located at 1509 1st Avenue S in Fargo.  Visit phatkatantiques.com for more information.


By Jamee Larson