Many people planning holiday travel find themselves trying to decide between bringing their pet along or utilizing a boarding service.  It can be a difficult decision, as many consider their animals part of the family and do everything they can to avoid a lengthy separation.  The thought of dropping your pet off with strangers can be worrisome.  Traveling with a pet, however, is not always in their best interest.

Some pets aren’t suited for travel because of their age, health, or temperament.  For most people, the thought of driving across the country is taxing enough without adding a pet into the mix.  Car rides can be stressful on everyone, animals included.  As for flying, the Humane Society strongly discourages people from having their pets travel by air in the cargo hold of a plane.  It is not only traumatic, but can also be dangerous.  If you are busy planning a holiday trip, it may be time to admit that your pet should not be part of the journey.

Fortunately, there are several high-quality pet boarding services in the area.  It can hard to leave your furry friend in the care of strangers, but you need to remember that they are professionals.  They are good at their jobs and will treat your pet with the care they are accustomed to.  Here are only a few pet boarding services in the area.

Rover’s Playhouse


3405 Main Ave # 3, Fargo

(701) 232-7529

All dogs staying at Rover’s Playhouse can be viewed online via live webcam, giving you the comfort of virtual contact while you are away.  Prices for a full day range from $38-$44, depending on the size of the dog.  Staff are highly trained and will engage your dog through a variety of daily activities.  Cats are welcome for a fee of $19 per day.

Fargo Boarding & Grooming Services


4108 3rd Ave N, Fargo

(701) 282-0197

A standard stay in Fargo Boarding & Grooming Services indoor kennel is $28 per night.  A VIP stay including two individual walks, an indoor suite with a ceiling fan, skylights, and a radio to help soothe your dog as they fall asleep is available for $35 per night.  Both services include Pro Pac dry food.  Cats are welcome for $18 per night.

Eddie & Barkus


3060 Thunder Rd S, Fargo

(701) 492-9DOG

The kennels at Eddie & Barkus are equipped with five webcams so you may spend part of your vacation watching your pet.  Symphony music plays to soothe your dog, and each suite is equipped with sound-dampening ceilings.  Prices start at $40 per night, and private 20 minute walks are available for an additional $9 per day.

South Bark

download (1).png

4035 40th Ave S Ste C, Fargo

(701) 281-3895

South Bark is the only boarding service in town with “condos!”  Traditional suites start at $37 per night, and condos are available for $45.  A spacious indoor and outdoor play area will keep your dog so well-occupied that they won’t even have time to miss you.

Animal Acres Pet Boarding


4306 76th Ave S, Fargo

(701) 282-8235

For only $18 per day you can provide your pup with the opportunity to enjoy outdoor play times, jumbo runs, and spacious kennels.  Discounts are available for longer stays.  Cats are welcome for $10 per day.

Yuppy Puppy Dog Hotel


305 70th Ave S, Moorhead

(218) 443-3185

The newest addition to the dog boarding scene in the area, Yuppy Puppy Dog Hotel will board your pal for $20 per night, or in a luxurious grand suite for $28.  Additional services are available including extra walks and exit baths.  Your dog will be free to roam in a 16,000 square foot fenced in grass play area.


By Jamee Larson