For many of us, there is something about a grilled cheese sandwich that feels like home.  Pair it with tomato soup and you have comfort food at its finest.  If you grew up in the Midwest and enjoyed snowball fights or snow fort building that lasted all afternoon, you probably defrosted with a piping hot grilled cheese sandwich.  Few things warm up frozen hands better.Rosey’s Bistro in Fargo has taken the grilled cheese sandwich and amped it up to a new level.  Think of it as tradition meets elegance.  Instead of just the classic grilled cheese (which is on the menu), diners can enjoy such specialties as the Snobby Frenchman, made with brie cheese, caramelized apples, and candied walnuts; the Mac N Chorizo, comprised of pepper jack cheese, Spanish chorizo, and macaroni and cheese; or Rosey’s Cuban, which includes cottage bacon, pulled pork, pickles, whole grain mustard, and Swiss cheese.  Sounds amazing, right?  Well, that’s just the beginning.

According to restaurant manager Cassie Rosendahl, owner Rosey’s daughter, the restaurant is much more than just a grilled cheese bistro.  “The restaurant houses two full bars: one that focuses on crafting Prohibition style cocktails with unique whiskeys and serving wine by the glass, and the other with mason jar martinis in a lively setting just off of Broadway,” Cassie explained.

In addition, Rosey’s is also becoming an entertainment venue, featuring shows like Rockin’ Rosey’s with Becca Kotte and Rosey’s Jazz Club with Russ Peterson and the Funk Commission.  Future plans include hosting ongoing events such as wine and cheese pairing tastings, local brewery dinners, proof distillers’ dinners, and Prohibition craft cocktail classes.

In addition to the mouth-watering food, Rosey’s has become known for its unique vibe.  “Rosey’s atmosphere is an experience,” Cassie said.  “The decor is industrial and the lighting is dynamic, a cool blue throughout the day and a warm red moving into the evenings.”

Rosey’s Bistro is located in a century-old space that has been modernized without losing its original character.  Visitors can expect to see exposed brick and rafters, reclaimed wood, and galvanized steel — all of which create a space that combines the past and the future in a way that is alluring, comforting, and exhilarating at the same time.

You may think of the grilled cheese sandwich as basic, but there is nothing pedestrian about Rosey’s.  What takes Rosey’s sandwiches to the next level is the quality of the ingredients that are turned into something exquisite in-house.  Rosey’s caramelizes their own apples, candies their own bacon, roasts their own tomatoes, slow roasts their own lamb, chicken, and pork, and makes all of their soups from scratch.  “When you pair these in-house ingredients with gourmet cheeses such as brie or smoked gouda and amazing breads like our cranberry wild rice bread, you get something that’s memorable and which will keep you coming back for more,” she said.

Rosey’s Bistro has been open less than a year and has already set downtown Fargo abuzz.  Now that school is back in session, you can expect even more exciting events and tweaks to the restaurant’s already superb menu.  One never knows what Rosey and Cassie will cook up next.

Rosey’s Bistro is located at 212 Broadway N in Fargo.  More information can be found at or on the restaurant’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.


By Jamee Larson