Eversharp Kitchen Store is a local business in Northeast Minneapolis.  Originally they had been making knife display fixtures for Wüsthof and other knife manufacturers and when the opportunity to open Eversharp came up they jumped at the chance.  Family-owned and operated to this day, Eversharp Knives is now celebrating their tenth anniversary.

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While Eversharp has a small footprint, they carry the largest selection of Wüsthof knives in America and even have a reconditioned and close-out section available in-store only.  The staff is incredibly passionate about helping each customer find the right knife for them, and has a test station where you are encouraged to try out different knives to see which one fits best.  Eversharp also sharpens any brand of kitchen knives, scissors, and garden tools while you wait.  They can even sharpen your bread knives and ceramic knives.

Eversharp Knives offers every style of knife imaginable.  They have a great selection of each those three indispensable knives every culinarian needs: chef’s, paring, and serrated.  They have carving knives, sushi knives, cheese knives, cleavers, bird’s beaks, and more.  They also carry several Japanese brands such as Kikuichi, Miyabi, and a handmade German line Nesmuk.  Nesmuk is their newest line added to the store and range in price from $600-$5,000 a knife.  Helle Knives, handmade in Norway are one of their most popular items for customers to customize with their laser engraving options.  Engraved knives or even cutting boards make for a perfect wedding, groomsman or housewarming present.   

One of their popular in-store only items they carry are the Epicurean cutting boards that are made in Duluth.  Eversharp carries their factory seconds which means all their cutting boards are marked 40% off the regular pricing.

Eversharp Knives is the ideal store to buy a gift in.  There you can handle in person each of the knives they offer and learn their purposes from an expert.  A good chef’s knife is the foundation of the entire kitchen, and newlyweds can’t do without one.  Whatever your price point is, with their knowledge Eversharp Kitchen Store offers only the best for your money.

Eversharp also offers personalized laser engraving.  An inscribed message is a perfect way to make a knife particularly special, whether it’s bought as a gift or for your own everyday use.  (Professional chefs occasionally opt for a message along the lines of “Do not touch, property of X” or “This is mine.”)  For only twenty dollars, laser engraving is a certain way to make a knife into a treasure.  You can easily add engraving to any knife order on their website eversharpknives.com.

Eversharp sharpens knives six days a week, while you wait. Most people are surprised to find out they sharpen ceramic knives, garden tools, and lawn mower blades.  They are Wüsthof Factory Authorized Service center but will happily sharpen any brand.

If you would like to see Eversharp Kitchen Store in action, go to their Wüsthof shopping event on November 8th — sign up available on their website.  There you can find exclusive deals on the German beauties and see the Wüsthof’s own executive chef demonstrate their knives in action.  If you can not attend the demonstration, see Eversharp Knives’ wares anytime online at eversharpknives.com or in person at their store on 344 Taft St NE.