“Real estate can not be lost or stolen nor can it be carried away. Purchased with common sense, paid for in full, and managed with reasonable care it is about the safest investment in the world.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

A native of Hermantown, Minnesota, Nate Armstrong grew up playing football and painting houses until he found a comfortable place with Target overseeing the store’s renovations. After some bumps along his path, Nate co-founded an online platform for investors to buy and sell real estate. Say goodbye to being landlord and hello to being an investor with Nate’s nifty site HomeInvest.com!

In 2008 Nate bought a house, renovated it, and collected rental income from it. He made money, so he did it again, and then again, and before long he was making more money at that endeavor than at his day job. This meant he could quit and focus on real estate full-time. When he handed his letter of resignation over, however, his boss asked him an interesting question:

“How can I join you?”

Now something else clicked. Nate could take his hard work, acumen, and experience, combine them with a client’s money, and produce great real estate investments — either fix and flips or rental houses. Soon a dentist joined Nate’s former boss as a client. All things seemed to be moving in the perfect direction.

Then, Nate and his investors were bitten by a shark: they bought a package of bad properties complete with fake numbers, bad leases, and a lot of undesirable tenants. It nearly bankrupt the whole operation. Against the advice of friends and family, Nate chose to push forward in real estate, at least until he could make things right with his investors. He found a good mentor to guide him and he pushed through it one house at a time. Nate is proud to say that his first client, his boss from Target, is still an investor with him today.

Home Invest continued to grow and so too did their buying power. They could purchase furnaces in bulk just like we would eggs at Costco. They could start their own property management division rather than farm that work out to third parties. They could own, in essence, their own contractors, and so they would never have to wonder where they might be if they weren’t doing their projects, simply because they could have no projects other than Home Invest’s to do.

Thanks to the holistic and streamlined approach Nate co-developed over the course of hundreds of deals in seven states during the course of a decade, every realtor, inspector, title agent, roofer, plumber, painter, and property manager in Home Invest’s operation can now be set into action with the single click of an investor’s mouse. That is what Home Invest does: It makes acquiring your next investment house take as much time as it would to buy a pair of socks off of Amazon.

“Real estate investing is a bit like swimming in the ocean,” said Nate. “It can be beautiful if you avoid the sharks. Swim with dolphins and stay close to the shoreline. If you’re going to get into real estate, my best advice for you is to learn as much as you can from people who are doing it well — professionals, not hobbyists; dolphins, not sharks. Find out how pros find houses for below market prices. See how they get their contractors to show up on time. Learn out how to pick good tenants.”

“My investors don’t want to do any of that, though,” Nate continued. “They want to come home from their day jobs and not think about their rental houses at all, so they have Home Invest do it for them. Sure, I’ll show them around the neighborhoods they’re investing in, tell them whatever they’d like to know over a steak. But it’s not having to know anything about real estate that makes my clients love Home Invest. We do things so effectively, a novice pays less to have an expert handle their business than they could ever achieve on their own — without the risk of running into sharks.”

Home Invest is most active in the Midwest markets that are most conducive to rental home investment. In Milwaukee, for example, Home Invest clients have seen their properties appreciate in value up to over 10% in the last year alone, and that doesn’t take their rental income into account. Chicago is climbing as well. If you would like to profit from property as an investor rather than as a landlord, see what Nate has to offer today at HomeInvest.com.


By David Scheller