There is a myth that adulthood needs to be boring.  Don’t buy into it!  One’s maturity or professionalism is not measured in blah earth tones or “tasteful” shades of beige.  You really can live the life you dreamed of as a child, full of whimsy and panache.  Dare to decorate yourself in full, vibrant Technicolor.  Your daily grind is sure to become more lively as a result.  Here are the places you can shop at to live in rainbow style!

Steady Tattoo & Body Piercing and Gabby Maravelas

Take tattoo artist Gabby Maravelas (known on Instagram as @stabbygabby), for instance.  Her work is inspired by 80’s and 90’s toys such as My Little Pony and Treasure Trolls.  She specializes in fun, illustrative tattoos with bold lines and colorful glitter effects.  We are lucky to have Gabby in the area, because cute tattoo artistry is a style rarely seen outside of Australia and the UK.  Now you don’t have to cross an ocean and fight jet lag to finally get the She-Ra or Polly Pocket tattoo of your dreams!  Gabby Maravelas is based at Steady Tattoo & Body Piercing right here in Minneapolis where she inks upon a pink table alongside her toy collection and vintage Caboodles.  Prices for tattoos vary, but you can book a consultation to talk about your ideas (a Care Bear on your bicep, perhaps?) and what to expect.  A tattoo is not a decision to make lightly, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be just as fun and whimsical as you are.

Hair & Makeup by Kayla Boyer

If you are looking for something less permanent than a tattoo, but still want to make an impact, the only logical conclusion is dying your hair.  Hair color has come a long way, and bold, fantasy-colored locks are now more common than ever.  However, achieving a Lisa Frank daydream on your head is not an easy feat, so it is best left to the professionals.  Enter Kayla Boyer, owner and operator of Hair & Makeup by Kayla Boyer, a mini-salon in Minneapolis.  Available by special appointment only, Kayla specializes in gorgeous, vivid hair colors.  Acidic lemon-lime?  Yes.  Cotton candy pastels?  Yes.  All the colors of the rainbow?  Yes, yes, yes!  If you’ve envied the hair of mermaids, unicorns, or Lady Lovely Locks, Kayla is the hair professional you need in your life.  (She currently only accepts new clients interested in crazy colors.)


Cute tats and neon hair are not quite a full look.  The law insists upon you also wearing clothes in public.  Fair enough!  Modern clothes rarely come in the brilliant hues we are discussing here, so it is best to look to the past.  At B-Squad, a  vintage clothing, furniture, and record shop on Nicollet Avenue, you can find all the colorful frocks, novelty sunglasses, and vivid handbags your heart desires.  It’s not everywhere that you can pick up a cherry red petticoat or raspberry beret, despite the fact that these items are wardrobe necessities.  The best thing about the past is that it can’t go out of style again.  Once it’s vintage, it’s timeless, so pick up some unique pieces no one else will be wearing and enjoy them for years to come.  You can support a small business and dress like a Rainbow Brite all at the same time.

Sure, perhaps purple hair and Hello Kitty tattoos are not for you.  That is completely okay.  But if you would be happier in moon boots and an aqua beehive, don’t let the negative Nellies of the world stop you.  You are allowed to be you.  That (and eating ice cream for breakfast) is what being an adult is really all about!


By Liz Walker