Out of sight, out of mind — this is a dangerous line of thinking to fall into when it comes to home maintenance, particularly with regard to your air ducts. Dirty ducts mean dirty air in your home, which shortens the lives of your heating and cooling systems and can cause or worsen health problems. It is recommended that you clean your air ducts every three to five years. Consider hiring Vent Medics, who combines decades of experience with cutting edge duct cleaning technology, the next time you do.With so many years in the duct cleaning business, Vent Medics’ owner operator has acquired the best techniques and equipment for cleaning air ducts. Vent Medics’ state of the art Hypervac Technologies H2 Duct Truck generates more than double the vacuum power recommended by duct cleaning industry standards. Vent Medics also utilizes a specialized set of tools that they have acquired from one of seven different retailers or improvised based on years of experience. Their kit is assembled from the most effective gear available, on the market or off.

Before each cleaning, Vent Medics consults with homeowners, locates every vent and register in the home, seals them off, and then installs corner guards and floor runners as needed to prevent property damage. Vent Medics’ elite duct cleaning process utilizes the push-pull method, which turns the simplest or most sophisticated duct system spotless. They scrub down each register and then thoroughly clean the main trunk lines, vacuuming up all of the dust and debris that accumulated there over the course of years. That same process is then repeated on the cold air supply side.

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When you have Vent Medics’ duct specialist come to your home, you will be met by no less than the company’s owner himself. Eric takes great personal pride in his work, so if you would like the cleanest air ducts in your neighborhood, give Vent Medics a call today at (218) 998-3828. Your furnace, your air conditioner, and your nose will all thank you.

By David Scheller