Get to know downtown neighborhoods at Explore Downtown Living and be part of the vibrant residential scene

Downtown Mpls continues to thrive in a variety of ways, and that includes continued residential growth.  Since 2009, the Mpls Downtown Improvement District (MDID) has made a big impact on helping downtown neighborhoods feel more and more like home.

Ever since 2009, MDID has focused on making downtown Mpls greener, cleaner, and safer for everyone who lives, works, and plays here.  It’s an organization that helps set downtown apart.

You can see MDID up close during Explore Downtown Living on Saturday, September 23rd.  From 10 am – 5 pm, this free event offers a chance to visit 23 residential communities in the downtown area while getting a look at what neighborhood life is like downtown. You can sign up for the no-cost event at

MDID is part of the daily downtown experience.

Living in the heart of the city is becoming the trend as residential neighborhoods and communities continue to grow.  More than 40,000 residents call downtown Mpls home today — up 28 percent from 10 years ago.

Since 2009, MDID Ambassadors have helped over 800,000 pedestrians in downtown Mpls.  Not only do MDID Ambassadors keep pedestrians in downtown Mpls safe, they also help keep over 120 city blocks clean and green through efforts such as removing trash and recycling while also planting and watering plants and trees — all of which helps keep sidewalks clean and vibrant. Over the past eight years, they’ve removed more than 250,000 bags of trash, 39,000 graffiti tags, and 509,000 gum spots while planting 126,000 annuals, perennials, and trees and removing weeds from 11,000 block faces.


Most importantly, MDID Ambassadors are friendly faces in the streets to help out however they can.

MDID is not limited to the Ambassador program, however.  Other MDID initiatives helping to create a green, clean, and safe downtown include a Greening Awards program that recognizes and honors greening efforts in our downtown, various pilot projects that provide low-cost environmental changes that improve real and perceived safety (known as tactical urbanism), collaborations with public officials, law enforcement, and outreach groups, and sponsorships of downtown events and programming.

MDID is a sponsor of the upcoming Explore Downtown Living event, an initiative of the Mpls downtown council’s Intersections: The Downtown 2025 Plan focused on helping double the residential population in downtown Mpls.  While you’re taking part in the event, look for MDID Ambassadors helping to create an extraordinary downtown throughout the city’s core.


Downtown Minneapolis is a vibrant, thriving place to live.  Learn about how the downtown neighborhoods are continuing to grow and develop at Explore Downtown Living, and get to know MDID by visiting

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By Jake Woodrich

Mpls downtown council