Set aside on Fifth Street, just on the cusp of downtown Minneapolis, hides away an institution of the Minnesota retail scene.  It is Rosenthal Interiors, just recently renamed from Rosenthal Furniture, and it has endured recession, flood, and fire alike since its inception in 1895 by father and son Aaron and Harold Rosenthal.  A family affair, the store is currently in its fourth generation of ownership by Rosie Lebewitz.  Rosie is now updating her family’s legacy.Rosie’s plan to revamp her showroom began in 2009, when she decided her store would better continue by abandoning mass produced furniture in favor of higher quality pieces.  Rosenthal Interiors’ new inventory features posh lines of furniture crafted in European countries like Italy and Norway, as well as right here in America.

This is the finest furniture the world has to offer.  Sleek, minimalistic tables and chairs by Cattelan Italia, geometric conversation starters by Vondom, and comfortable yet elegant upholstered pieces by GAMMA now grace Rosenthal Interiors’ showroom.  These are the paragons of modern Old World design.  Rosenthal Interiors’ new pieces may be arranged in a room according to one brand’s line only, or mixed and matched freely without chancing that euphemistically dubbed “eclectic” style.

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These are only three of the 60 luxury brands Rosenthal Interiors now offers.  To better display their new product lines, Rosenthal Interiors has just undertaken a massive, six figure renovation to open up their 20,000 square foot showroom.  The bright and airy new space is adorned with original artwork by local artists.  Abstracts by Sandra Felemovicius, Matisse-inspired forms by John Gerber, and odes to Rothko by Emily Quandahl make browsing at Rosenthal Interiors as edifying as a trip to the Guggenheim.  They’re all available to take home with you too, of course.

Interior decorating is a daunting task.  One slip-up and your well-intended centerpiece may wind up only an aberration.  That’s why Rosenthal Interiors, true to its new name, keeps interior designers on staff to help their clients best decorate their homes.  Their experts make house calls: If you like, they will go to your home, measure things out, perceive what makes it unique, and come up with the perfect portfolio to complement its beauty.  This is full-service, personalized, one-stop shopping for interior design.

Rosie Lebewitz’s rebranding gambit is already paying off for her store.  Residents of downtown Minneapolis, the greater Twin Cities area, and even across the country are coming to Rosenthal Interiors’ showroom to redecorate one of their rooms or even their entire home.  “It’s the experience that matters.  We want to make it worthwhile for customers who live downtown or customers who make a special trip downtown to Rosenthal Interiors,” said Rosie in a recent interview.

“And we’ve stepped it up.”

Whether you work and live downtown or would make a special trip just to see their new showroom, Rosenthal Interiors’ exciting new collections make for fine shopping or browsing.  Go to see how Italian silk, Norwegian teak, and American oil paints can transform your living space into something dramatic and beautiful.


By David Scheller