The United States of America has had a complicated and challenging history. Throughout our existence as a nation, we have sometimes overcome obstacles with victorious justice — and other times we have fallen quite short.  Despite our imperfections, we still have many reasons to feel proud about our country.The first of these things is our generosity.  Americans are, by a large margin, the most generous people in the world.  This means homeless shelters, community clinics, animal rescues, food shelves, scholarships, and countless other charities that we readily fund out of our own pockets.  Nothing should make us prouder to be American than our ability to see the needs of others and do something about it.

Our second source of pride is equally enjoyable, but a little more delicious: beer.  With Budweiser brandishing our flag across their cans, country songs singing praises to the iconic beverage, and our longest running brewery dating back to 1829, we really love our beer.  While this doesn’t hold much of a candle to the histories of some European breweries across the pond, our recently discovered passion for local microbreweries is making up for lost time.

One such local brewpub is Omni Brewing in Maple Grove.  They don’t just brew great beer, but also represent our nation’s generosity by focusing on community outreach with their official volunteer group Omni Doing Co.  This group of dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers organizes regular philanthropic opportunities throughout the metropolitan area.  Serving at events ranging from Maple Grove Days to Pants for Pints to toy drives to making sandwiches for the homeless, Omni Doing Co. is out there serving the community each and every month.  After their work is done, they gather back together at their brewpub to enjoy some delicious beer.  And by delicious, I mean very, very good.  Their commitment to using carefully selected, quality ingredients pays off the moment you taste your first sip.

The mission behind the brewery is in its name.  “Omni” means “all, every, of every kind.” With that in mind, Omni’s creative vision and excellent brews means that their tap lineup has something for everyone.  Their atmosphere is fun and comfortable, and whether you’re an expert on all things beer or just beginning your journey toward appreciating a good brew, you’ll feel right at home at Omni.  Their website lists and describes the daily taps available and has an event calendar with all the information you need to plan your next outing.

Speaking of outings, Omni offers some really fun events.  They have weekly trivia nights, taproom yoga, cribbage, and bean bag leagues, as well as brewery tours and room rentals for group events.  They don’t have a kitchen, but Wednesday through Saturday a food truck parks just outside to sling up delicious local dishes.  The truck varies from day to day, so make sure to check out the lineup at Omni’s website.  (If you are looking to save a few bucks, you can bring in your own food as well.)  Also, every Friday night this summer a musical guest will perform.  In the Omni Doing Co. fashion, proceeds go toward a music scholarship fund for underprivileged kids.

As another part of their vision for the future, Omni is proud to run on solar power.  With a real-time graph of their energy use and savings through solar panels, you can see exactly how many kilowatt hours have been generated to date.  This offers an interesting insight into this popular alternative power source and what it means for small businesses that have economic and environmental goals.

If you want to feel like a real American, grab a brew, volunteer with some friends, put some change in the March of Dimes bucket at the gas station, and feel good about where we live.  And while you’re at it, visit to sign up for Omni Doing Co. and get updates on upcoming opportunities to volunteer.  What better way is there to be a force for good than by combining beer with generosity?


By Whitney Grindberg