A little over a year ago, Fargo said goodbye to the popular Monte’s Downtown. In its place came Sazerac Alley, a New Orleans-inspired restaurant. Now, the restaurant is turning over once again, this time becoming Twist.Focusing on a small portion of customers proved to be too difficult for Sazerac. As other businesses have found, appealing to a niche market is often difficult within smaller populations like Fargo’s. And although a significant number of Fargoans love New Orleanian cuisine, they just weren’t enough to keep Sazerac afloat.

Walk into Twist and you will notice that little has changed. The signs are different, as are the menus, but the décor and the staff are largely the same. The menu has changed to appeal to a broader audience base, but several of the old favorites including seafood pot pie, buffalo oysters, and Louisiana fried chicken and waffles have remained.

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For those with a more Midwestern palette, there are plenty of new items to choose from including shrimp ravioli, wild mushroom and truffle flatbread, mini parmesan crusted fish and chips, and poutine. And if you have a sweet tooth leaving without trying the Bananas Foster crème brulee or chocolate mousse martini would be a sin.

Although the menu is impressive, the real star of the show is their drink selection. Twist is hoping their enormously diverse wine, whiskey, beer, and cocktail menu will give the restaurant a reputation as the top-rated place for late-night entertaining. Although traditional cocktails are on the menu, Twist has also added their own twist, as they say.

Consider indulging in a Fargo Winter Killer made from Hennessy cognac, Bénédictine liqueur, maple syrup, black pepper, allspice tincture, and cinnamon hot water. Not your style? How about a Holy Shnikes, made up of Ransom’s Old Tom gin, Aperol, Luxardo Maraschino liqueur, lemon juice, brown sugar syrup, Regan’s & Abbott’s bitters, and egg white. Twist also has an extensive wine and beer menu, as well as over 75 different whiskeys.

Twist is located at 220 Broadway N. More information including a full menu can be found online at twistfargo.com.


By Jamee Larson