As she was setting up for a party, The Grove and Cauldron owner Jen Waagen called her niece for advice.  “What color is luck?” she asked as she was preparing the party’s “spells.”  It isn’t a question many people get to ponder during their workday, but Jen isn’t just any person, and working at The Grove and Cauldron isn’t just any job.Those that have driven by the beautiful Victorian house at 203 7th St S in Moorhead have likely wondered about its new occupants, especially if they’ve seen guests donning wizard robes and fairy wings being ushered inside.  The Grove and Cauldron specializes in fairy or wizard theme parties.  Think of it as a magical collaboration between Harry Potter and Disney.  Yes, it is that cool!

For Jen, the new business feels like the culmination of years of fairy tales and dress up.  “To get a chance to do it as a job is ideal,” she said.  Although the business concept for The Grove and Cauldron came easily, the venue didn’t.  After running into several roadblocks, Jen finally found the space in Moorhead.  “We knew as soon as we saw the building that this was the place,” she said.

Along with her brother Marcus Leotta, Jen began the labor intensive process of remodeling the house and bringing it up to code as a commercial building.  The imaginative results are tremendous and have the potential to turn every little one’s birthday into a magical experience without equal.  “For me, this is a way to inspire creativity and allow kids to step out of their everyday world,” she said.  “I want it to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.”

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The house has three distinct rooms that can each be used for themed parties: The Magician’s Study for wizards, the Fairy Grotto for fairies, and the Grotto for mermaids and pirates.  There is also a wish room for presents and a space to indulge in cake or other sweets.  For parents, a decked out lounge on the second floor provides the opportunity to relax and let someone else run the show.  “I want it to feel like an at home party, without the planning and cleaning for parents,” Jen explained.

Jen’s imagination and creativity have always been her greatest asset.  “I’m at my best when I’m constantly making things,” she said. Step inside The Grove and Cauldron and you will immediately understand how powerful that imagination is.  The best part is that Jen has been able to bring her imagination to life, something that will benefit the many budding fairies and wizards among us.

All parties are tailored to specific age groups and the needs of each individual.  Children with special needs can also take full advantage of all The Grove and Cauldron has to offer.  “I want every kid to be able to live their fairy tale,” said Jen.

The Grove and Cauldron is currently booking parties.  A two-hour party package runs between $150 and $200, depending on the party specifics. Give Jen a call today and find out what she can do for your next party.  How else are you going to find out what color luck is?

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By Jamee Larson