Father’s Day doesn’t always garner the same respect reserved for Mother’s Day.  Maybe it’s harder to be mushy about Dad.  Maybe your dad is incredibly hard to shop for.  Or maybe the idea of taking your dad out for a mimosa brunch is not particularly appealing, but you never came up with a better idea.  Never fear, loving offspring!  Here are all the local, out-of-the-box suggestions you need to let your father know you care without making things totally awkward. (A little bit of awkwardness is inevitable, of course.  He’s your dad — you know how he gets.)

Did you and your dad like to hit up the comic shop back when you were a kid?  Did you spend hours together flipping through back issues of The X-Men, looking for the best way to blow your allowance?  Good news!  That time-honored tradition doesn’t have to die.  Why not take those fond memories into the present day and make it a little more adult by taking a trip to DreamHaven Books & Comics in South Minneapolis?  An independent bookstore specializing in graphic novels, sci-fi books, and horror merch, DreamHaven is the grown-up version of the comic book stores from your youth.  Really, it’s probably the store you once dreamed of opening before you became an accountant instead.  Oh well.  Now you and your pops can visit and continue your ongoing debate on who played the best Catwoman.  (Obviously it’s Michelle Pfeiffer.)  Fair warning: DreamHaven is closed on Sundays and Mondays.

I suppose it’s possible that your dad isn’t a nerd.  If he’s more of the cultured type, a trip to The Museum of Russian Art may be in order.  It’s something unique to Minneapolis, as TMORA is the only institution focusing on Russian art in North America.  Housed in a former church inspired by the Texas Mission in San Antonio, the museum features stunning galleries and (more importantly) a gift shop offering free tea and cookies.  The exhibitions rotate, often drawing from their permanent collection of 20th Century paintings, historic Russian icons, textiles, and photography.  Admission is ten dollars per adult and includes permission to pat yourself on the back for being so darn artsy. Well done, you!

Another way to relive the glory days of your youth, but with a modern twist, is a trip to Can Can Wonderland in St. Paul.  An indoor, artist-designed mini golf course, you and your pa can play 18 holes for twelve dollars a round (or nine dollars if your dad is 62 and you are under twelve. Hooray!)  Holes include such wonders as the “Squirrel Scrambler,” “Hot Tub Time Machine,” and “The Mini Golf Hole Formerly Known As The World’s Longest Hole,” all of which must be seen to be believed. Can Can Wonderland also offers two bars and a clever cocktail menu, making me wonder why I ever played mini golf anywhere else.  The only downside is that your dad is going to make one too many Caddy Shack references, and there’s absolutely nothing that can be done to prevent that.  Such is life.

I hope you and your dad have a memorable Father’s Day together, whether or not you take any of my admittedly amazing suggestions.  After all, he taught you how to change a tire, and he once took the blame for that lamp you broke. That has to count for something, right? Show him some love by making Father’s Day just as unique as the weirdo who raised you!


By Liz Walker