When the fitness craze spread two decades ago, fitness centers sprouted up all over the country, and the Fargo/Moorhead area was no different.  It’s impossible to drive even a block or two without running into multiple fitness options, so when Powerturn Fitness Studios broke ground last year, it may not have caused much of a stir — that is, until people realized Powerturn isn’t just another fitness center.Owners and trainers John and Sara Kosobud grew up in the area before moving to Arizona in 2002.  While there, the pair got into cycling and became involved in a workout group.  In 2012, the Kosobuds and their two children moved back to the Red River Valley.  “We wanted to raise our kids here,” John explained.

He and Sara quickly missed their workout group, however, and were not able to find a replacement in the fitness centers in the area.  Their solution?  Build their own studio so they could duplicate the vibe and motivation they fell in love with in Arizona.  When the opportunity arose to share space with a new warehouse that Interstate Battery was building, the pair jumped at the chance.

“Fitness is really a byproduct of what we do here,” John explained.  “It’s all about developing relationships and friendships that lead into fitness.”  They’re those relationships that set Powerturn Fitness Studios apart from other gyms.  There is nothing mass-produced about their product.  In fact, the small groups and individualized attention has become the hallmark of the business.  “We want to create a sense of community,” John said.

Powerturn offers open strength and cycling classes as well as closed workshop groups, which are committed eight-week programs designed for big results.  “It is a 360-degree approach that includes nutrition, mindset, and fitness,” explained John.  “One needs all three things to make big changes in life.”

The studio utilizes a heart monitoring system to make sure all members are training within their cardio zone.  This type of dialed-in training is another way that Powerturn is unique.  The cycling workouts are all rhythm based.  Rides include choreographed drills with everyone on the same beat.  “Forty-five minutes go by very quickly,” John said.


John and Sara make it a point to take a personal interest in all their clients.  “We know everybody that walks through the doors,” he said, adding that they have about 300 people that come on a regular basis.  “We are very committed to helping them meet their goals.”  Very few gyms in the area can promise that type of relationship between member and owner.  For John, those relationships are precisely the reason they started Powerturn in the first place.

When not training regular members, John provides off-ice training for local hockey players.  From April to October of last year, he trained 75 players ages 9-18.  A former hockey player, John appreciates the opportunity to combine his love for the sport with his passion for working with kids.  He is hoping to translate his current training into other sports.  This is just one of the ways that Powerturn may expand in the future.

There are fitness centers and then there are fitness communities.  Powerturn is the latter, and if you are someone who has been struggling to get hold of a workout routine, they just might be the missing piece of your puzzle.  Give John and Sara a call and find out what they can do for you.  As they say at Powerturn, “Don’t wish for it, work for it.”

More information about Powerturn Fitness Studios can be obtained at powerturnfit.com.


By Jamee Larson