The essence of today’s society is embodied in the belief that faster is better. Fast food, high-speed internet, drive-through service… it’s all about getting from point a to point b as quickly as possible. Steep Me Up a Cup of Tea, the area’s newest beverage house, is trying to promote the opposite. For Terisina and Jerry Hintz, quality is something that simply cannot be rushed.

For those unfamiliar with tea, “steeping” is the process of letting dry ingredients soak inside a liquid until that liquid tastes like the dry ingredients. It is a method that cannot be rushed and anyone who has ever had a stellar cup of tea understands why.

Steep Me Up a Cup of Tea originally opened in Bismarck in 2008. The success of that location gave Terisina and Jerry the confidence to expand and bring what can only be described as a labor of love to the Red River Valley. “We researched the store approximately two years prior to opening,” Terisina explained. “We purchased teas and spices and herbs and started working on how these items all work together.”

The business side of Steep Me Up a Cup of Tea wasn’t new to Terisina and Jerry, as both come from an entrepreneurial background. In fact, their latest business venture is their fourth. Steep Me Up a Cup of Tea is different, however. Part business, part lifestyle…the duo wants to help others make the type of life changes they have accomplished themselves. “We started our business in 2008 and Jerry weighed 299 and I weighed 270 and we needed to make a lifestyle change,” Terisina explained. “We went into the tea business trying to find an answer to getting healthy.”

The health benefits of tea are numerous. It is believed that the beverage can help fight heart disease, improve circulation, protect teeth and strengthen bones, improve digestions, strengthen the immune system, and prevent dehydration. Tea can also help with weight loss, as Terisina and Jerry can attest to.

Since opening Steep Me Up a Cup of Tea, Terisina and Jerry have lost 70 and 110 pounds respectively, but their lifestyle changes are what fuels the business. “We have been there and done it so we have the experience with ourselves and can relate,” she said. “We opened our store with 35 teas and now have over 200 and a full line of remedy specific teas that have been tried by our customers. We feature healthy beverages made from our teas and we love to teach people how to make tea at home.”

It is the symbiotic relationship between owner and customer that has made Steep Me Up a Cup of Tea such a success. It is also what sets the business apart from similar competitors. “We are very much vested in each of our customers and teaching them all about tea,” Terisina said.  “We have an extensive training program for our employees that lasts approximately 3-6 months which teaches them about our teas, why they are important, what the differences are, etc.”

For Terisina and Jerry, their excellent customer service and superior products will make return customers out of virtually any visitor. “We offer a top notch loose tea in our store that is unmatched,” Terisina explained. “Plus, because we blend our teas ourselves…we can customize any of the teas for each customer’s need.”

The company’s commitment to foster healthy living for all customers is also unique to the business. “We teach our employees to teach customers that they are worth the hard work and the changes they are making to be healthier and tea is a great accompaniment to what they are doing daily,” she said.

To that end, Terisina would like to invite everyone to come check out the business and get to know her and Jerry. She believes you will like what you see. “We are hardworking, love our business, love our customers, and are focused on our health and the health of others.”

Steep Me Up a Cup of Tea is located at 3139 Bluestem Drive in West Fargo. More information can be obtained at

By Jamee Larson